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Globe and Mail Offers Custom Brand Suitability for Advertisers

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Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global leader in digital ad verification, today announced that The Globe and Mail, Canada’s trusted source of news, will now offer IAS’s leading contextual targeting solution, Context Control. This contextual technology is offered incrementally with existing IAS brand safety controls, providing curated contextual targeting and smart inventory packaging at scale.

Marketers can now control their ad adjacencies with a wide array of contextual signals, including the sentiment and the emotional classification of content on a specific page. This enables advertisers to find the most relevant content adjacencies for campaigns within brand-safe and suitable environments. The powerful tool also delivers a precise semantic understanding of page-level context – this enables advertisers to navigate common homonym scenarios that keywords cannot (such as the difference between “gun shot” versus “golf shot” content).

Additionally, this cutting-edge technology allows publishers to more strategically categorize and monetize their content, leaving them better equipped to appropriately monetize news content versus competitive safety and suitability solutions.

“IAS’s Context Control is a gamechanger for the entire industry. Now advertisers can better navigate contextual adjacencies while publishers can more intelligently package and monetize their inventory,” said Lisa Utzschneider, CEO, IAS. “We are excited to lead the way alongside The Globe and Mail and the media partners in their Alliance Network with this next generation of brand safety and suitability solutions”.

The Globe and Mail reaches millions of readers online every week, engaging Canadians through its award-winning coverage of news, politics, business, investing, and lifestyle topics, across multiple platforms. IAS’s Context Control will allow Globe and Mail Media Group advertisers to confidently tap into their wide-spread audience knowing that their brand will appear in the right contexts and categories.

“The Natural Language Processing offered through Context Control is part of what makes this an effective tool in our client arsenal,” said Andrew Saunders, Chief Revenue Officer, The Globe and Mail. “The Globe will strengthen its ability to create customizable segments based on category, emotion, and sentiment and provide our advertisers with even more control over their ad placements and targeting.”

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