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GoComet launches GoPlan: Step into the future

The vertical SaaS company has launched one of the industry's first data-backed dispatch planning solutions and announced revolutionary new features to its existing container tracking solution, including advanced predictive ETA and one of the industry's first automated BL reading technologies for tracking

GoComet, a leading multi-modal logistics and transportation company, has launched a breakthrough product, ‘GoPlan’, one of the first data-backed dispatch planning solutions that will allow shippers to plan their freight delivery schedules with better predictability using one of the the industry’s best estimate lead time benchmarking indexes. It will help shippers promise realistic delivery ETAs to end consignees when shipping containers worldwide. The company aims to solve one of the biggest challenges prevailing in the supply chain industry – Inaccurate Carrier ETAs. Alongside, it chooses the best performing carrier that is economical, effective and helps in delivering as planned with less risk for customers.

In addition to the new product, GoComet announced a major platform upgrade, because getting notified after a shipment gets delayed is a thing of the past. With Predictive ETA, mitigate the expected delays on one’s shipments before they occur for all domestic & international shipments & take in-transit visibility to another level. The company also introduced one of the industry’s first BL reading technologies, called Proactive Upload using which shippers can auto-forward their BL copies from vendors to GoComet’s system. The system then automatically reads the BL and creates tracking with zero manual intervention.

GoComet’s Co-Founder and CEO Gautam Prem Jain said, “The new product aims at creating a seamless experience for customers across the globe to pre-plan their shipments using GoPlan as their business intelligence tool to obtain the most realistic ETAs to share with their end consignees and leverage predictive ETAs to handle supply chain disruptions proactively using reliable global industry benchmarks and build customer credibility. The new products and the upgrades will help achieve an unparalleled end-to-end visibility experience for shippers and consignees worldwide.”

GoComet’s Customer Advisory Board member Ankur Agarwal, Head of Supply chain, PolyplexAsia Pacific, said, “I strongly believe that the advanced predictive ETA would immensely benefit the global supply chain community. It would be great to see my global peers explore this product soon.”

Hundreds of supply chain professionals attended the virtual launch event, including industry experts and GoComet’s customers. Earlier this February, GoComet announced the closing of a $7 Million Series A funding and has ever since been gaining a strong foothold in the US market.

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