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Grocery TV Launches All-New Retail Marketing Platform

The GTV Retail Marketing Platform makes it easy for retailers to plan, manage, and track their campaigns at different touch points and display types throughout the store.
Grocery TV

Grocery TV, the largest digital advertising network in U.S. grocery stores, today announced the launch of its upgraded Retail Marketing Platform equipped with new capabilities that improve the user experience and help retailers consolidate their in-store campaigns through a single tool. The platform plays a key role within Grocery TV’s full-store retail media solution.

The platform was developed specifically for the retail space and includes features such as:

  • Campaign management across different display formats and in-store locations
  • Hyperlocal to national campaign targeting
  • Real-time analytics tracking

“Our new and improved platform gives retailers the power to fully manage their in-store digital experience, and in turn increase shopper engagement and drive demand with each store visit using localized, relevant content,” said Mike Pollack, CRO at Grocery TV. “After working with over 200 retailers in the past 7 years, we’ve learned from their feedback and created new features to address their challenges and needs.”

Grocery TV’s updated Retail Marketing Platform is part of its broader full-store solution, which aims to help retailers and brands reach shoppers throughout the store and at all stages of the buying journey. In addition to its platform, the company also provides hardware, operations and engineering support, and incremental revenue opportunities for their retail partners.

The first round of new features for Grocery TV’s Retail Marketing Platform will be released in Q2 this year.

This launch follows Grocery TV’s recent acquisition of Mediaworks, which added digital entrance displays to the network’s inventory and fueled its full-store expansion. Grocery TV plans to roll out digital in-store media products for all major areas of the store— including service departments, center store, and pharmacy.

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