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HeartCore Executes CMS Deal with GMO MAKESHOP


HeartCore Enterprises, Inc., (“HeartCore” or “the Company”), a leading software development company, announced that it has signed a deal with GMO MAKESHOP Co. Ltd. (“GMO MAKESHOP”), offering its Content Management System (“CMS”) to help augment GMO MAKESHOP’s digital transformation efforts prior to the launch of its Cloud E-Commerce Plan.

HeartCore’s CMS is one of the top rated software systems in Japan, as it provides a secure all-in-one package that includes marketing, sales, service, and content management systems as well as other tools and integrations that enable companies to attract and engage customers throughout the customer lifecycle. With the capabilities of the Company’s CMS, businesses operating e-commerce sites using GMO MAKESHOP’s Cloud E-Commerce Plan will now be able to centrally manage content across several of their business units, as well as implement marketing measures that are optimal for each user on each site. Additionally, on the back end, the GMO MAKESHOP team will be able to leverage key tools to manage sales promotions, track inventory and product management, and also deliver management functions for its e-commerce initiative. HeartCore will also provide GMO MAKESHOP with process mining and task mining capabilities to optimize its operations.

“We are pleased to play an integral role in GMO MAKESHOP’s Cloud E-Commerce Plan by licensing our industry leading CMS,” said CEO Sumitaka Yamamoto. “Our software will allow their team to seamlessly launch a full scale e-commerce platform that provides state-of-the-art capabilities both on the front and back end, especially as they manage a multitude of websites. HeartCore provides a safe and secure platform and an all-in-one support team that is always ready to assist our customers. We look forward to assisting GMO MAKESHOP and ramping up sales efforts with our leading enterprise software technology.”

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