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Helium 10 Acquires Prestozon to bolster Amazon Adtech

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Helium 10 today has acquired Prestozon to bolster its Amazon Advertising technology and to help Amazon sellers and growing brands take advantage of Amazon’s booming advertising platform.

Prestozon brings its industry-leading advertising optimization algorithms and talented team to Helium 10’s all-in-one Amazon software platform. Together, Helium 10 and Prestozon will combine their data to help sellers better understand their organic and paid efforts.

Over the next few months, Helium 10 will be working to continually improve its own PPC management platform called ADS. In Q1 of 2021, Helium 10 users will notice major upgrades to their software experience that will unlock greater advertising efficiencies through a unified and world-class PPC management solution.

As Amazon sellers have become savvier with their organic marketing efforts, PPC has become a crucial part of a comprehensive marketing strategy for every business that wants to be competitive on Amazon’s marketplace.

“Many sellers are focused on their organic rankings, and Helium 10 is the best in the world at helping them optimize that. However, as we gained a better understanding of how sellers were dealing with their PPC challenges, we realized that PPC was no longer optional. These days, PPC is a must-have. When we met Ben and his team, we realized that Prestozon was the solution to allow Helium 10 users around the world to accomplish more with their PPC efforts,” says Helium 10 Chief Revenue Officer Ryan Iyengar.

“Amazon sellers face many problems. Ideally, these problems need to be solved in one platform instead of managing 15 different software subscriptions. Together, Helium 10 and Prestozon will help sellers solve all their problems and manage their business on Amazon from one unified platform,” says Prestozon co-founder and CEO Ben Aldern.

As the Q4 buying season fast approaches, Helium 10 will help sellers manage their business, capture more sales, and grow their PPC marketing efforts with more confidence. Helium 10 continues to pioneer a rapidly growing industry and empower Amazon sellers with the tools, strategies, and community they need to thrive in the future of e-commerce on Amazon.

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