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Hightouch welcomes Prakash Durgani as Vice President of Sales

Former Segment Executive Joins leading Reverse ETL platform; Brings Deep Expertise in Customer Data
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Hightouch, the leader in Reverse ETL and Data Activation, today announced former Segment sales leader Prakash Durgani as its Vice President of Sales. Durgani will oversee Hightouch’s revenue team, including sales, customer success, and alliances. The appointment of Durgani to Vice President of Sales comes on the heels of rapid growth for the business. Hightouch is on track to exceed 300% growth of new sales in 2022, as it evangelizes the idea of “activating” data locked away in warehouses like Snowflake to our enterprise customers.

“Enterprises have invested countless dollars into data warehouse solutions like Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, and Google BigQuery, but when it comes to empowering business teams to use this data, we’re stuck in the stone age of refreshing BI reports and downloading CSVs. Hightouch provides a clear solution, allowing all teams to leverage data in the warehouse across their SaaS tools like Salesforce, Braze, HubSpot, and NetSuite,” said Durgani. “I’ve known Tejas for years through Segment and was always enamored by what he accomplished through the product capabilities he built as an engineer. I’m excited to join forces with him and the Hightouch founding team to help scale the go-to-market function and deliver the promise of data activation to the best companies in the world.”

“The space we’re in will move faster than anyone realizes. A standard for data activation will emerge in the next couple years.” said Tejas Manohar, co-founder of Hightouch. “There are a number of solutions that advertise their ability to solve data activation from CDPs like Segment, where Prakash and I worked before, to iPaaS solutions like Mulesoft, Workato, and Tray, but customers’ pains remains unaddressed. Existing solutions lack flexibility, require engineers, and have a lengthy implementation process. By sitting atop customers’ existing data warehouses like Snowflake, our customers can address data requests in minutes instead of months.”

Durgani brings over 20 years of experience leading teams across the fastest growing companies of the time, including Sourcegraph, Segment, Opower, and Angel.com. Previously, he was a go-to-market executive at Sourcegraph, where he oversaw the company’s international expansion. Prior to Sourcegraph, Durgani was the Global Head of Sales Engineering and Head of Sales for APAC at Segment during 4 years of exceptional growth, as the company scaled headcount from 100 to 500, annual revenue to north of $100M, and joined forces with Twilio through a $3.2 Billion acquisition.

Manohar adds: “Prakash is a unique leader— not only has he led sales and go-to-market, but Prakash was a VP of Engineering in his past life and understands the technical aspects of what our customers need. That’s the type of founder-like talent that we look for in our executive team and need to win this market.”

In November, Hightouch announced it has raised $40M in Series B financing at a $450 million valuation led by ICONIQ Growth (early backers of Snowflake). Hightouch has hundreds of customers from fast-growing startups like Plaid, Betterment, Ramp, and Lucidchart to the world’s largest enterprises like AXS, Nando’s, and Auto Trader. Hightouch expects to double its team to 100 employees by the end of the year and is currently working to fill key roles across engineering, product, sales, marketing, and more.

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