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Hooters looks to PAR for 360 View of the Biz

The selection of Brink POS and Data Central’s Inventory Module elevates operational efficiency and order accuracy for enterprise restaurants

ParTech, Inc. (PAR), a global restaurant technology company and provider of unified commerce solutions for enterprise restaurants, announced Hooters of America, LLC, the franchisor behind the iconic Hooters and Hoots Wings brands, selected PAR Brink POS® and PAR Data Central® to enhance its operational efficiency and order accuracy for an improved table service experience in 367 Hooters restaurants across 36 states and 18 countries.

As an existing customer of PAR’s leading loyalty solution, PAR Punchh®, Hooters sought to expand its existing tech stack with a proven partner. Together, the three best-in-class solutions continue improving operations and enable Hooters’s restaurants to better serve their guests.

  • PAR Punchh engages and retains guests, supporting Hooters’s goal to drive diners’ lifetime loyalty.
  • PAR Brink POS offers Hooters a configurable, easy-to-use and scalable POS.
  • PAR Data Central’s Inventory Module offers Hooters a single source of truth for all its data to help elevate table service by improving inventory accuracy, reducing food waste and lowering food costs.

“The Hooters team has loved working with PAR because its technology matches our company vision and where we believe the restaurant industry is heading,” said Jeff Caplan, CIO of Hooters. “Simplifying our operations with one provider for point of sale, restaurant back office and loyalty has also been a game-changer, streamlining our relationships and saving us valuable time. Most importantly, the sense of partnership with PAR is unparalleled — every engagement feels like a true collaboration, with their team bringing invaluable restaurant experience to the table. Culturally, it’s a perfect fit; their values and beliefs mirror our own, making every interaction meaningful and productive.”

Hooters showcases the adaptability of PAR’s products for various restaurant formats, including enterprise-level establishments with a strong emphasis on table service. By offering a comprehensive solution tailored to the distinctive demands of such concepts, PAR remains a trusted partner in the hospitality technology landscape.

“Our commitment to delivering seamless technology solutions ensures smooth transitions and complete support for our partners like Hooters while presenting an opportunity to enhance their tech stack with additional PAR products,” said Savneet Singh, CEO of PAR Technology. “By prioritizing one technology provider for multiple products, we provide a 360-degree view of their business, safeguarding historical data and existing partnerships. We aim to maximize customer value by offering tailored solutions that drive efficiency and innovation across their operations.”

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