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How Can Web Experience Enhance Your Conversions?

Web Experience

Websites live and die by their conversion rates as it is an indirect way of rating a website. Good conversion rates mean more sales and revenue through the website while poor conversion rates mean that you might struggle to keep your business afloat.

Since maintaining healthy conversion rates is such an integral part of running a successful online business, it’s important to examine and master one of the most significant factors impacting conversions, that is your site’s web experience or user experience.

Web experience relates to everything your leads, visitors or customers experience as they navigate and interact with your website on every page or page element.

It relates to how easily they can find what they are searching for on your website, without being slowed down by unnecessary friction, which can make them bounce, never to return.

Here are the ways to improve the web experience of your site to enhance conversion.

  •  Add a Pop-Up

As per a study done by Sumo, the average conversion rate for all pop-ups is 3.09%. However, if you do it in the right manner, you can reach the top 10% of pop-ups which average a 9.28% conversion rate.

This one change can catapult your conversion rate. And it works on sites of almost all types of businesses.

Here are some of the tips that can help you in getting the highest conversion rate:

  •  Try several offers until you find a winner that you can feel right away
  • Put a 30-second delay timer on the pop-up, this keeps them from being annoying
  • Make it easy to close the pop-up
  •  Set a cookie so the pop-up only appears once per visitor. Most pop-up tools allow brands to do this

This combination will give a huge boost to your conversion rates and keep the complaints to zero. You won’t annoy your users and you get all the benefits.

  •  Add Videos to your Conversation Pages

Mashable claims that adding videos to some of the top landing pages that are you feel can encourage conversion can result in an increase in conversions averaging at 86%! Human brains process visual information about 60,000 times faster than text, which means that any visitors to your website absorbs information in videos and images better than they would by reading text. Learning about your product or service will be much more effective through visual content than text.

  • Remove Distractions from your Website

For a user, there is nothing worse than visiting a website that pulls you in too many different directions. 

Your landing page should be clear, concise, and simple to navigate. If something is not essential, don’t include it. Stick with what your visitors need to know and nothing else.

When possible, implement the following things as per your needs:

  •  Headline and subheadings
  •  Benefits and features
  •  Testimonial and/or reviews
  •  Visual combined with context, which shows what you are offering

There are other things to consider like social proof, a live chat box to interact with the visitors, and a video but the point remains the same, eliminate all distractions from your website. You want your visitors to focus on your offer and nothing else so don’t confuse them.


When the web experience of your site is impeccable, your site is rewarded with more traction and conversions. In other words, make sure that your web experience is awesome, and your visitors will be much likelier to convert in higher numbers.

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Tanvi Tirthani
Content Contributor, MarTech Cube
Tanvi Tirthani is a content writer and strategist with a special foray into technology. She has been a keen researcher in the tech domain and is responsible for strategizing the social media scripts to optimize the collateral creation process.

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