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Huge launches Culture Decoder for analyzing cultural data

Developed by Huge data scientists, the revolutionary tool makes it possible to enhance brand relevance and strengthen customer connections like never before

Huge, the creative consultancy under Interpublic Group (NYSE: IPG), announced the launch of Culture Decoder – an AI-powered tool that helps brands better understand the cultural trends most important to their customers. By analyzing billions of data points, the proprietary tool assesses trend relevance for target customer groups; calculates the size, sentiment, and momentum of each trend; and provides actionable and data-driven recommendations to help brands drive engagement.

“For years, brands have struggled to stay relevant and authentic in their attempts to keep up with what is important to their customers,” said Global Chief Executive Officer, Lisa De Bonis. “With Culture Decoder’s unique insights, brands will not only form a deeper understanding of their existing customer base, but they will also find it easier to connect with new audiences as well.”

Unparalleled, data-backed insights

Beginning today, brands in the automotive, banking, financial services, insurance, and retail industries can leverage Culture Decoder to develop insights into five key metrics:

  • Customer Fit: The significance or relevance of a trend within a target audience.
  • Momentum: The past and predicted momentum of a trend.
  • Size: The approximate number of content entries related to a specific trend.
  • Sentiment: The emotional tone surrounding a trend.
  • Strategy: Huge’s strategic guidance on whether the brand should act, explore, watch or ignore the trend.

The tool also provides users with the context and reasons trends matter within an industry, as well as the relationship seen between them.

Culture Decoder is launching in the United States and United Kingdom. Additional countries and industries will be included in future iterations of the tool. In the meantime, companies from other industries and regions are still able to use Culture Decoder to inform new products and services, develop awareness of trends in adjacent industries, and ensure alignment with relevant general consumer trends.

Satiating the industry’s need for a comprehensive tool

“When creating relevant and personalized experiences, companies often claim they already know their customers well enough to accomplish this goal, “ wrote Brendan Witcher, VP, Analyst, in Forrester’s June 2022 report, Conditional Love: What It Really Takes To Keep Customers Faithful. “But too often they use the same list of banal customer data categories to get equally banal business results. The outcome: They don’t understand the required “conditions” to win and retain a customer’s love of the brand — and that customer’s initial and ongoing business.”

With the launch of Culture Decoder, brands no longer have to be limited by the costly, time consuming, and incomplete data tools that have hindered them from true customer connection in the past. Culture Decoder can offer them the fully comprehensive insights they need to make more timely, informed decisions that drive loyalty and growth.

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You can learn more about Culture Decoder’s extraordinary reach, as well as sign up for a demo, receive a free trial, or purchase an annual subscription here.

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