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HumanFirst announced expansion into CPaaS

The prompt and data engineering platform has been recognized at Enterprise Connect for excellence in enterprise communications and CX.

HumanFirst, a prompt and data engineering platform for Generative AI (GenAI), announced their expansion into the Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) market to accelerate time to GenAI value for CPaaS providers and customers alike.

Real-time communications capabilities–voice, video, instant messaging–are pillars of every customer journey, and valuable data floods into CPaaS platforms daily through every channel. Hidden in that data are rich, real-time customer insights that power business intelligence, automation opportunities, and CX transformations.

But according to Omdia’s “The State of Digital CX 2023” survey, most organizations aren’t equipped to manage complex text data from diverse sources at scale; 47% of organizations surveyed find their data inaccessible or lack transparency, and 44% find querying data time-consuming.

“Real customer interactions are highly complex, deeply personal, and incredibly valuable,” says Gregory Whiteside, CEO of HumanFirst. “Rigid, rules-based programming and one-dimensional prompt interfaces prevent teams from analyzing them with specificity and scale. Once teams can query, organize, and monitor that data, their customer engagement will fundamentally change.”

At Enterprise Connect, the largest enterprise communications event in North America, HumanFirst was selected for the Innovation Showcase, demonstrating excellence in enterprise communications and customer experience. Judges and industry experts Dave MichelsMaribel LopezDominic Kent, and David Myron selected HumanFirst among four other solutions providers to feature in the showcase, held in Orlando, Florida on March 25th, 2024.

“This year’s showcase had the potential to be flooded with “me too” AI applications,” said Dominic Kent. “It was refreshing to see the unique, innovative, and enterprise-ready ways communications tech can make agents more efficient while improving customer experiences.”

In a low-code platform, HumanFirst combines prompt and data engineering capabilities to help teams analyze raw, unstructured data from diverse sources. Companies can extract custom insights from customer support tickets, emails, texts, and call transcripts to identify recurring contact reasons, find product gaps, or analyze sentiment. Further, companies can maximize the impact of their omnichannel outreach, analyzing the sell-readiness of leads, optimizing human agent training, and automating personalized customer engagement at scale.

“HumanFirst revolutionizes the interaction between companies and their customers through Generative AI,” shares Veselin Vukovic, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Infobip, a global leader in cloud communications. “We see a lot of applications for Infobip AI Conversational stack, from contact center intelligence to conversational AI.”

In the past six months, HumanFirst has:

  • Partnerships: Launched a channel distribution partnership with Google Cloud to bring GenAI to GCP customers, and partnered with Deloitte to accelerate client projects with intuitive AI workflows.
  • Market Expansion: Engaged customers across international markets including the United StatesAustralia, and Europe.
  • Team: Grown the team with top talent, including the addition of Maeghan Smulders as COO.

“We’re excited to be working with CPaaS providers to help them build business value from the libraries of data they already have,” says Whiteside, “and do the same for their customers.”

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