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IAS Partners with Mindshare and Google Marketing Platform on YouTube for Diageo

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The need for advertisers to get brand suitability right in digital environments has never been more important. Integral Ad Science (IAS), the global market leader in digital ad verification, along with Mindshare and Google Marketing Platform were able to achieve over 99 percent brand safety and suitability on YouTube in a case study for global beverage leader, Diageo.

With billions of hours of digital video content watched per day on YouTube, there exists a significant opportunity to reach highly engaged audiences. At the same time, with the high rate of new content creation on YouTube every day, Diageo wanted to better understand and control content adjacencies for its video ads.

To address this need, Diageo leveraged IAS’s brand safety/suitability solution for YouTube and in doing so, was able to improve their brand suitability match to over 99 percent. By effectively having the appropriate controls for their brand safety/suitability requirements, Diageo was able to strategically place their YouTube ads on brand-aligned content which appeals to their desired audiences.

“The IAS YouTube brand safety solution gives us the full transparency and granularity of insight we need to keep our brands safe across YouTube,” says Vinod Thadani, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare South Asia Pacific, “helping us buy solely high-quality brand-aligned inventory. This offering has given us the renewed confidence we need to invest at scale.”

By leveraging machine learning technology from IAS, Diageo was able to effectively identify common themes among videos where their ads might run and take steps to control their content adjacencies. Diageo was further able to maximize the value of their YouTube investment by leveraging IAS’s channel-level insights to assure videos were being served to their desired audiences.

“IAS is able to achieve a high level of content transparency for Diageo and this scales the ability to make informed decisions about their YouTube channel strategy,” says Tony Marlow, CMO at IAS. “brand suitability is top of mind for many marketers and the more control we have over adjacencies, the more effectively we can connect with our respective audiences”.

For more information, please visit the full case study here, find a full social overview here or visit our latest research project, The Halo Effect, here.

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