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ibex is Revolutionizing Utilities Marketplace with CX Solutions


ibex (NASDAQ: IBEX), a leading global provider of business process outsourcing (BPO) and customer engagement technology solutions, today announced that major utilities across North America are benefiting from its end-to-end customer experience solution. ibex’s CX for Utilities suite offers a range of services—including New Connections Concierge, Sparked Marketplace, Mindshare Digital Outreach, and RefleCX—designed to help utilities deliver added value beyond the meter, improve CSAT scores, and increase incremental revenue, setting the stage for lifelong customer engagement. All told, ibex CX solutions for Utilities are helping major utilities transform the customer experience for more than 30 million households in North America.

“Forward-thinking utilities are embracing a new era of customer engagement, venturing beyond the confines of traditional commodity solutions to foster a more personal and innovative connection with their customers,” said Mark Wilkinson, SVP Products, ibex Digital. “At ibex, we’re proud to be at the forefront of this transformation, empowering utilities to go beyond-the-meter and enrich the customer experience at every touchpoint along their journey. We’ve seen great success in this approach, and we’re committed to driving even more meaningful outcomes for our utility partners and their customers in the years ahead.”

ibex’s first beyond-the-meter solution is New Connection Concierge, which provides utility customers with a world-class, new customer experience right from the start. New Connection specialists, based at ibex’s Utility Center of Excellence, support new utility customers to connect all of the essential home services to their new residence. ibex’s trained solution specialists help customers find and connect services like Internet, TV, wireless, home security, and even service plans from their utility to help them feel at home in their new residence. Current New Connections clients include several of the largest investor-owned utilities (IOU) across the nation, and the leading deregulated energy provider in the United States.

As more consumers turn to self-service options online, having a fresh, modern and user-friendly online storefront is essential for building continual customer engagement. ibex’s Sparked Marketplace is a turnkey e-commerce solution that helps utilities deliver a modern marketplace to their consumers for all their beyond-the-meter solutions, including Energy Efficiency, SmartHome, Home Connections, and Service Plans. ibex’s white-label marketplace solution is designed to be revenue-positive from the start, enabling utilities to achieve “escape velocity” for long-term success. The ibex marketplace platform powers the flagship utility marketplace for the leading IOU in the mid-Atlantic, which serves more than 5 million residential customers in five states.

With CSAT so critical to every aspect of utility operations, ibex is launching RefleCX for Utilities, a “CX as a Service” solution that delivers the capabilities of an enterprise class Voice of the Customer solution customized for the utility customer lifecycle.

“RefleCX for Utilities enables our utility partners to launch interactive surveys at every milestone along the customer journey and provide real time telemetry on the utility CX,” added Wilkinson. “RefleCX delivered more than 20M surveys in heavily regulated industries with sensitivities to JD Power and CSAT scores, so making it available to the Utility community and their unique needs is a gamechanger. With the advanced capabilities of a full stack CEM solution, including dynamic survey questions, branch logic, and text & sentiment analysis, ibex delivers all of the features that utilities need at a fraction of the cost of DIY projects.”

“As technology rapidly advances, our mission is to equip utilities with cutting-edge solutions that future-proof their business and deliver an unparalleled customer experience,” said Jeff Cox, President, ibex Digital. “By creating modern and dynamic platforms, we’re enabling utilities to stay ahead of the curve and keep pace with the ever-changing expectations of their customers. At ibex, we are proud to help usher in a new era of innovation and excellence in the utility industry.”

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