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Impact Engine Sues Google for Brazen Intellectual Property Infringement

US District Court Filing Seeks to Hold Tech Giant Accountable for Willful Patent Infringement
Impact Engine Sues Google for Brazen Intellectual Property Infringement

Impact Engine, Inc. (“Impact Engine”), a California-based technology company that has redefined the online display advertising industry, today announced that it has filed a lawsuit in United States District Court for the Southern District of California against Google LLC (“Google”), seeking to hold Google accountable for its brazen infringement of Impact Engine’s patent-protected technology and intellectual property.

Impact Engine’s core product offerings help advertisers create unique, relevant ads and experiences so that each advertisement can be specifically tailored to the viewer on any device in a cost-effective manner. Impact Engine’s groundbreaking inventions, known by the advertising industry as “Programmatic Creative,” address well-known industry problems and enable advertisers to appeal to consumers with media-rich online display ads at lower production and operations costs.

Over the course of two years, Google invited Impact Engine to multiple meetings to discuss partnering to bring Impact Engine’s innovative and dynamic Programmatic Creative solutions to the Google platform. As a requirement for continuing discussions, Google mandated that Impact Engine develop a working prototype to run on the Google platform and share source code and other intellectual property with Google. As stated in Impact Engine’s complaint, following these discussions, “Google, under the false pretense of a trusting partnership, took Impact Engine’s intellectual property and products.” Google’s Display Ad Builder product is almost entirely based on the ideas and intellectual property created by Impact Engine, and, as detailed in the suit, infringes six of Impact Engine’s patents.

“As a result of Google’s brazen and willful patent infringement, Impact Engine has been forced to compete against our own technology,” said Neil Greer, Impact Engine’s CEO and co-Founder. “We are innovators, and our focus has been and will continue to be on generating new products to revolutionize how advertising is created and consumed. We cannot stand by any longer and watch while one of the world’s largest and most valuable companies infringes upon our IP and profits from our hard work and creative inventions. We are determined to enforce our intellectual property rights and to protect our innovations, for Impact Engine’s own sake and for the sake of other young companies who might be victimized by behemoths such as Google.”

Impact Engine brings claims under the patent laws of the United States, 35 U.S.C. § 1, et seq., for the willful infringement of multiple patents, which include U.S. Patent Nos. 7,870,497; 8,356,253; 8,930,832; 9,361,632; 9,805,393; and 10,068,253.

About Impact Engine
Impact Engine is the leading Rich Media Advertising provider for Local Media and their advertiser and agency clients. With its patented, integrated approach to media-rich display advertising, Impact Engine is able to bring a complete, turnkey approach to increased profits in online display advertising. Impact Engine’s programmatic creative capabilities include mobile, tablet and desktop display ad creation, sales tools, ad optimization, and ad server integration – all in one easy to understand workflow.

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