Influencer Marketing Leader Mavrck Launches Influence University

New influencer marketing curriculum and online certification program educates marketers and rising experts
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Mavrck, the industry’s leading all-in-one influencer marketing solution and team of experts, has launched Influence University, an influencer marketing curriculum and certification program for aspiring influencer marketing experts and practitioners.

As the influencer marketing industry grows, now more than a $13 billion industry by most estimates, the need for standardized and in-depth education for marketers is on the rise. Because of this need, Mavrck created the Influencer Marketing Center of Excellence, which leads efforts to create best practices, performance and engagement benchmarks, and thought leadership for the industry and Mavrck’s customers. This team has created and launched Influence University, a free, online curriculum for individuals just getting started in influencer marketing, as well as for marketers who are managing social proof programs at scale.

“Influencer marketing has evolved from an experimental tactic to a critical component of the consumer brand marketing playbook as marketers see the value of partnering with influencers and creators to produce content consumers actually trust,” said Lyle Stevens, Co-Founder & CEO Mavrck. “Because we’ve powered millions of influencer and creator activations since 2014, our experience, expertise and data allowed us to develop a curriculum that will equip any marketer with the knowledge they need to level up their influencer marketing efforts.”

Influence University currently includes five core modules covering Influencer Marketing 101, Paid Media, Ambassador Programs, FTC Guidelines and Disclosures, and Short-Form Video. Each module teaches marketers best practices with real brand examples, performance data, and case studies from Mavrck customers. Mavrck plans to add new educational modules in 2021, including Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Influencer Marketing, Research, Measurement, and more. Influence University complements Mavrck’s own platform, but has been created for any marketer interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise in influencer marketing. The online certification was designed so users could learn and complete the courses at their own pace, with quizzes throughout to test their knowledge.

“Influence University was not only intended to educate professionals about influencer marketing, but also to help advance the industry forward by providing standardization, best practices and much-needed benchmarking,” said Rachael Cihlar, Vice President of the Influencer Marketing Center of Excellence at Mavrck. “No matter where you’re at in your influencer marketing journey or knowledge level, our program has been designed to provide real tangible and pragmatic value to each individual.”

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