Influencer Marketing network,Glewee Closes $9 Mn in Seed Funding

The Game-Changing Influencer Marketing Network Enables Brands and Creators to Connect, Create and Execute

Glewee, the easiest and fastest all-in-one influencer marketing network, today announced a $9M seed-funding round structured and arranged by Deuterium Capital Management, a boutique investment advisory firm based in Tampa, Florida. Glewee’s self-service web-based platform and iOS creator application connects brand marketers and advertisers with thousands of pre-vetted verified influencers that collectively bring more than 1.25B net social media followers to the table. Glewee’s SaaS platform guarantees that brands will be matched with the best-fit creator team for each personalized campaign.

“Our latest round represents our investor’s confidence in our vision stemming from our collective understanding of the creator economy and the direction we’re heading,” said Dylan Duke, CEO of Glewee. “Thanks to this capital injection, we are able to further expand the platform’s capabilities to appeal to an even wider set of creators, brands and agencies on a global scale.”

Glewee’s platform was carefully designed and built from the ground up to create a seamless user experience that solves many of the labor-intensive and often time-intensive tasks historically associated with influencer marketing for brands and creators. All campaign communications, including influencer discovery and selection, campaign workflows, content approvals, payments, contractual agreements, tax forms and in-depth data reporting and analytics, are provided and created within the Glewee interface.

In the Glewee ecosystem, brands and creators seamlessly connect, efficiently create engaging branded content and execute genuine influencer-marketing campaigns quickly and effectively. Glewee’s intuitive in-app platform enables brands and creators to communicate one-on-one and create real-time relationships that are anchored in authenticity. Importantly, Glewee provides an ideal space for brand and creator collaboration and communication while still vesting the critical approval role in the hands of the brand marketer.

“Glewee’s unique approach has been met with enormous success as demonstrated by the thousands of opt-in creators and brands that have adopted our influencer marketing platform. Because our identity depends on the creators’ authenticity and ability to execute, our stringent review process for new users includes both automated and human vetting,” said Christian Brown, chief marketing officer of Glewee.

To learn more about Glewee or to schedule a live demo, please visit our website at or contact us via email at Brands and agencies looking to scale influencer marketing campaigns can apply for an account in Glewee’s platform here: Creators who want to join the opt-in Glewee creator community should head to the App Store, download Glewee and apply today.

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