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Infobip research reveals paradigm shift in customer experience


New research from global cloud communications platform Infobip reveals how conversational customer experiences and generative AI developments have created a long-lasting impact for how people and brands interact. Infobip analyzed more than 473 billion digital communications interactions on its platform in 2023 between businesses and consumers to identify the latest global business messaging trends.

As consumers look for a deeper connection with the brands they buy from, conversational messaging channels are seeing the fastest growth. In 2023, Infobip recorded a 137% increase in mobile app messages compared to 2022, a 73% rise in social media messages, and a 63% increase in chat app messages. Conversational experiences are increasing throughout the customer journey, whether for marketing, commerce, or support.

WhatsApp remains the primary channel brands use for conversational support, where businesses send 90% of support messages over the chat app. However, brands are diversifying their channel mix, leveraging chat apps in specific regions. Brands are also using conversational AI to provide personalized customer support.

WhatsApp remains the top digital channel for conversational marketing, driven by new features that enable customers to start and complete a purchase in a single WhatsApp chat window. Infobip is also seeing significant increases in other messaging apps such as Telegram, Line, Viber, and Messenger. The data also shows a 29% increase in mobile app messaging for marketing in 2023 compared to 2022.

Ivan Ostojić, Chief Business Officer at Infobip, said: “Our data shows how conversational experiences are rapidly spreading across the globe as businesses roll out marketing, sales, and support use cases. Customers can now seamlessly progress through a journey within a single conversational thread on a chat app or RCS.”

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