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Infutor Honored for Innovation in Consumer Identity Management

Prestigious annual awards program recognizes standout marketing, advertising and sales technology around the world.
Infutor Honored for Innovation in Consumer Identity Management

Consumer identity management expert Infutor today announced that its ID Max solution has been selected as the winner of the “Best Contact Database Solution” award by MarTech Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies and products in the global marketing, sales and advertising technology industry today.

Infutor’s suite of identity management solutions enable brands to instantly identify consumers and make informed marketing decisions. With Infutor ID Max, brands can leverage real-time identity resolution to maximize all consumer touchpoints to personalize inbound engagements in real-time as well as extend outbound omnichannel marketing efforts. As a contact database solution and data-driven platform, ID Max allows marketers to complete, score, update and enhance inbound, consumer-submitted contact information in real-time. The solution helps marketers improve omnichannel lead quality and conversions, personalize inbound lead interactions and optimize outbound segmentation and marketing scale.

“When marketers can’t identify consumers, they can’t properly engage with them,” said Gary Walter, CEO of Infutor. “We’re proud to deliver a solution that provides marketers with on-demand access to authoritative, comprehensive consumer contact info and identity and lifestyle attribute data in real-time. We are thrilled to receive this 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award and industry recognition for our ID Max solution.”

The mission of the MarTech Breakthrough Awards is to honor excellence and recognize the innovation, hard work and success in a range of marketing, sales and advertising technology related categories, including marketing automation, market research and customer experience, AdTech, SalesTech, marketing analytics, content and social marketing, mobile marketing and many more. This year’s program attracted more than 2,500 nominations from over 15 different countries throughout the world.

“Infutor’s expansive data network leverages 97.5 million daily contact updates across the company’s master Identity Graph of 255 million consumers to ensure up-to-the-minute accuracy – and impressive data set that ultimately helps companies maximize the customer experience on every channel,” said James Johnson, Managing Director at MarTech Breakthrough. “With instant inbound lead completion, Infutor’s ID Max is helping clients improve conversions and optimize their leads with the highest potential for conversion – certainly a “breakthrough” martech innovation. We extend a hearty congratulations to the entire Infutor team on their success and innovation with ID Max, and their well-deserved 2019 MarTech Breakthrough Award.”

With as little as a single inbound identifier, e.g., name, address, phone, mobile or email, ID Max instantly delivers brands complete consumer identity contact info and profiles that enhance their contact databases and adds the most complete attribute enhancements (age, marital status, children, household income, home and auto ownership) available. Marketers can then use Infutor’s contact data to instantly de-anonymize and personalize inbound engagements, measure results and improve outbound targeting. Also, marketers using ID Max have access to Infutor’s Connex Audience Clusters, containing consumer behavior and lifestyle analytics for real-time inbound identity resolution and analytics-driven segmentation in a single solution.

As the consumer identity management experts, Infutor has quickly established itself as a leader in the dynamic, information services and analytics industry, helping brand marketers more effectively engage with their target consumers. The company helps verify and complete inbound fractional consumer identities on demand; then completes and enhances customer profiles with highly predictive attribute and segmentation data including advanced segmentation for analytics initiatives.

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