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Innervate announced successful results of partnership with Zalando

Innervate announced successful results of partnership with Zalando

Innervate, the dynamic customer experience company, today announced the successful results of its partnership with Zalando, a leading European fashion e-commerce destination. The company leveraged Innervate’s sophisticated marketing automation capabilities to manage hundreds of diverse campaigns designed to build awareness and consideration of Zalando as a starting point for fashion for its European customer base.

As a European fashion e-commerce destination, Zalando offers its clientele of over 50 million customers thousands of brands and products to browse. However, the company was facing the challenge of managing 364 “always-on” paid social and programmatic campaigns with time-consuming and costly work to set up and manage each individual campaign. The resulting campaign experience for the target audiences was often fragmented.

Enter Innervate and the company’s promise of a simple, modern, unifying solution.

“Innervate offered out-of-the-box automated processes that were previously done manually and quickly caught up with the rest of them to create a fully automated approach,” said Ivan Ponce, Director of Media at Zalando.

After a quick onboarding process, the Zalando team was able to mix and match ad elements intuitively and at scale, allowing them to create and release targeted campaigns across 25 markets, 365 days a year. This contributed to Zalando’s goal of building awareness for its brand as a starting point for fashion among its loyal—and expanding—customer base.

In addition, with significant increases in the efficiency of curating and personalizing campaigns, the company now has more time and resources to focus on out-of-the box creative and next-level strategy.

“By efficiently utilizing and repurposing all the content and assets available on Zalando’s website, Zalando saves both time and internal resources that would otherwise be spent on producing content specifically for a short-lived campaign, which would not be used again in future campaigns,” said Ponce.

Zalando expects to continue reaping the benefits of automation. The company plans to uncover more ways for its marketing team to use the new automate-to-innovate approach to running campaigns, enabled by Innervate’s solution. With Innervate’s support, Zalando is excited about the future possibilities in efficient, effective and automated marketing campaigns.

“Working with Innervate could be summarized in three words: fast, efficient and adaptable,” said Ponce. “Innervate is an advertising tech powerhouse with impeccable customer support. Our teams are amazed by the speed that it took us to lift this project from the ground and the efficiency of developing custom solutions.”

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