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Intelligence leader Kickfire Releases Extension for Adobe Launch

KickFire’s latest Adobe Launch Extension update delivers enhanced website traffic visibility and valuable business intelligence to power Adobe user’s account based marketing strategies.
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KickFire®, the leader in IP address intelligence and company identification technology, announces its availability on the Adobe Exchange App Marketplace and newest Adobe Launch extension release.

KickFire, an Innovate partner in the Adobe Exchange partner program, advanced its Adobe Experience Cloud integration with its latest Adobe Launch extension release. Teams utilizing KickFire’s extension can now see the exact companies visiting their website along with valuable account-level data, such as: company name, industry, revenue, target watchlist, and more. Unifying powerful B2B data to be shown side-by-side with standard analytics metrics in Adobe Analytics and available to be connected with other Adobe Experience Cloud platforms, like Adobe Target.

With enhanced visibility into their website traffic, Adobe users can easily segment website visitors based on company attributes and leverage these segments to fuel account based marketing strategies. Meaningful ABM segments can be optimized through KickFire’s MyAPI functionality to merge KickFire’s robust account level data with custom first-party data, such as: target account watchlist, assigned leads, customer type, and more.

Connecting KickFire’s in-depth company information to the Adobe Launch data layer, also provides Adobe Target users the opportunity to:

  • Create and deliver highly personalized ABM experiences
  • Dynamically change messaging to engage anonymous B2B website visitors
  • Present audiences with relevant images, content, or calls-to-action based on data
  • Experiment and discover what messaging engages your audience

“We are very excited to be part of Adobe Exchange and release our latest Adobe Launch extension,” said KickFire’s Director of Operations and Customer Success, Maggie Taylor Aherne. “The KickFire for Adobe Launch Extension empowers our mutual customers to identify in-market buyers and enhance the already powerful Adobe Experience Platform with valuable and accurate B2B first-party intent data.”

The KickFire extension for Adobe Launch is available in the Adobe Launch extension catalog. To learn more about KickFire’s new extension for Adobe Launch, visit:

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