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Martech Interview with the Co-Founder and President, Advertise Purple – Kyle Mitnick

Kyle Mitnick from Advertise Purple talks about the speeding-up of digital marketing after COVID 19 and the role of data … 0
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Martech Interview with Global Chief Brand Officer, VidMob – Stephanie Bohn

Stephanie Bohn from VidMob talks about the importance of data and creatives in any form of marketing and also makes … 0
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Martech Interview with Co-Founder and CEO, Remarkety – Guy Harel

Guy Harel from Remarkety talks about the importance of data in every aspect of marketing and how big data can … 0
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Martech Interview with VP of Digital Marketing Strategy, ChannelAdvisor – Link Walls

Link Walls from ChannelAdvisor reveals the significance of data in the e-commerce industry & how their Martech solution empowers e-commerce … 0
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Martech Interview with Chief Marketing Officer, Productsup – Marcel Hollerbach

Marcel Hollerbach from Productsup describes how their platform helps in enhancing content marketing & also discloses factors that led their … 0