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Intradiem and CommunityWFM strategically partner

New partnership provides contact centers with unmatched efficiency improvement opportunities for minimal time and effort.

Intradiem, the leading provider of contact center automation solutions, and CommunityWFM, a leading provider of contact center workforce management solutions, are pleased to announce their strategic partnership. This collaboration will drive innovation in workforce management, helping organizations across industries achieve greater efficiency, productivity, and employee satisfaction.

Intradiem’s AI-powered contact center automation platform helps businesses uncover the untapped capacity in their contact centers in real time and gives them the ability to use that capacity where it has the most impact. CommunityWFM is well positioned to complement Intradiem’s capabilities. Together, they will deliver groundbreaking solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses in the digital age.

Intradiem is known in the industry for its patented real-time automation capabilities that deliver better employee and customer experiences while reducing operating costs for contact centers. “We are excited to combine Intradiem’s innovative automation technology with CommunityWFM’s workforce management expertise,” said Haresh Gangwani, Intradiem’s EVP Strategic Alliances. “This alliance leverages the combined power of two contact center industry leaders and will bring added efficiency and savings to contact centers across the business landscape.”

CommunityWFM provides organizations with highly accurate agent forecasts and schedules while also providing the flexibility to quickly complete intraday management changes during unforeseen circumstances. The combined solutions will uncover untapped capacity and reallocate available time for training and other off-phone activities.

“Creating a strategic partnership with Intradiem is a strong decision for both companies,” said Daryl Gonos, CEO of CommunityWFM. “We have already experienced how Intradiem elevates contact centers who leverage our workforce management technology and we look forward to continuing our joint deployment of this successful business model in the future.”

This collaboration comes at a critical juncture when organizations worldwide are adapting to remote and hybrid work environments. The combination of Intradiem and CommunityWFM are ideally positioned to address these challenges and deliver a whole new dimension in precision and agility to workforce management teams.

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