Introducing Ambient Array: A New Era of B2B Advertising

Experienced Marketer Brings a Comprehensive B2B Advertising Solutions to Austin

Meet Ambient Array, the latest venture from seasoned Austin agency owner, Jed Jones, Ph.D. This innovative agency delivers a comprehensive array of advertising services fueled by expert strategy and data analytics. Ambient Array’s tight-knit team of eight boasts a wealth of experience across various marketing verticals and functional areas, making it a versatile solution for businesses looking to make a big impression within their markets.

Ambient Array shines in its ability to use detailed data and research to underpin every project. Their teams conduct in-depth market research surveys, consumer segmentation, website user behavior analysis, and strategic campaign planning, enabling them to create campaigns that are not just targeted, but surgically precise. During and after specific ad campaigns have run, the Ambient Array team applies sophisticated conversion tracking and attribution models in order to determine which efforts actually moved the needle.

With a keen understanding of the power of digital marketing and geofencing, Ambient Array excels in creating targeted online strategies. Their techniques cover local search optimization, geofencing, social media marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO). These strategies ensure clients are noticed by their desired audiences, wherever they may be online.

Ambient Array also features a design team that works closely with clients to deliver creative solutions aligned with the company vision and objectives. From stunning web design to engaging creative banner ads, Ambient Array maximizes a brand’s digital presence across all platforms.

Ambient Array is the brainchild of Jed Jones, a Ph.D. holder in organizational systems inquiry and an MBA in marketing. Jones has a 25-year marketing career that includes the operation of two successful advertising agencies since 2007. Jones’ academic and his commitment to data-driven solutions have long informed his marketing approach. “My experience serving hundreds of CEOs, CMOs, business owners and marketing directors over 25 years has taught me that the keys to success in this field are transparency, attention to process, and clear client communication,” said Jones. “I’ve been able to apply my training in systems thinking and data analytics to the world of advertising, resulting in an exceptional experience for our clients.”

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