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Cross-Media Optimization Technology (XMO)

Empower your marketing strategy with LocaliQ's XMO: proprietary AI technology streamlining full-funnel media buying for tailored business goals.

With technology and the digital marketing landscape constantly evolving, it’s critical that small businesses remain nimble and adaptive and look to trusted partners who can offer deep marketing expertise.

Paid search marketing, often known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), has established itself as an integral tool for small businesses to meet these challenges. It can help businesses gain immediate visibility on search engines like Google and Bing and offer an excellent return on investment if implemented wisely.

However, to optimize paid search marketing, businesses need a comprehensive understanding of keyword research, bidding strategies, and analytics to measure campaign performance. Effective paid search marketing also requires constant monitoring, experimentation, and optimization which small businesses might find taxing due to limited resources.

LocaliQ is the digital marketing platform that has helped over 350K+ businesses find, convert and retain customers with a suite of marketing automation, channel campaign management, customer relationship management (CRM) and insight tools, plus expert-led services.

What is cross-media optimization technology?
Recognizing the need for businesses to maximize marketing budgets across multiple platforms to meet their goals, LocaliQ developed cross-media optimization technology (also known as “XMO”), a first-to-market offering that combines cutting-edge machine learning and years of digital experience.

XMO is proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) technology that helps demystify the task of full-funnel media buying, through insight, optimization, and actions built around the specific goals of a business, whether it’s brand awareness, lead generation, online sales transactions or ongoing prospect and customer engagement, further powering the LocaliQ platform.

XMO simplifies cross-channel marketing by:

  • Helping to determine how to effectively distribute budget to achieve long-term goals
  • Providing knowledge and experience needed to market across platforms
  • Strategizing ways to reach customers where they are based on seasons and buying habits of customers

How does XMO work?
XMO technology differentiates the LocaliQ platform from competitors, maximizing budget and channel performance at every stage of the marketing funnel to yield the best outcome for the campaign based on the customer’s business goals. The platform uses proprietary tracking, attribution, and optimization algorithms to create efficiencies with ad spend across multiple digital channels, and campaigns are continuously monitored and refined in real time to ensure efficiencies. 

What sets XMO apart?
Through the power of XMO, customers across markets and industries are effectively balancing their spend across digital media channels and seeing more impactful, lead-driving campaigns.

The XMO Technology Advantage:

  • Decades of historical campaign learnings and data culminate the best media mix to achieve business goals.
  • Continually optimizing spend to account for seasonality, economic changes, consumer behavior and competition.
  • Harnessing the power of data informed technology that can analyze trends and help with decision making.

Here’s what our customers are saying about the power of XMO:

“There isn’t another platform out there that can do digital marketing as well as LocaliQ.”– Jason LaPaglia, Manager of Digital Marketing, Marian University

Because of our partnership with LocaliQ, we’ve seen a significant increase in our new patient volume, 20% year over year.– Zachary Wassmuth, MD, Capital ENT

“Because of our trusted partnership and collaborative team effort, my client was willing to try XMO. Now my client loves XMO because it has completely taken the guesswork out of how to manage their budgets, and they know they are getting the most out of their ad spend due to the optimization algorithm.” – Jennifer Burns, Sales Executive, Grand Living Assisted Communities

What’s next?
As LocaliQ continues to transform and grow, XMO will become an even stronger tool. Recent enhancements to the LocaliQ platform include AI automations, which led to 29% lower CPL and 13% lower Cost Per Click (CPC) on average for search customers. These AI automations include:

  • Addition of keywords predicted to be high performing for each unique campaign
  • Addition of negative keywords to block irrelevant searches based on daily scraping of search engine queries
  • Addition of competitor keywords based on the service area of the local business

For most digital advertising competitors, these changes to customer campaigns are done manually, making replication impossible. These automations make nearly 10 times the number of changes to campaigns as those run solely by campaign managers. The AI automation of LocaliQ saves time and money for businesses, driving higher ROI on their digital marketing investment.

Looking forward

Furthermore, emerging trends like Generative A.I., influencer marketing, and hyper-personalization, promise exciting opportunities for small businesses but they also present challenges. Keeping up with technological advancements will require continuous learning and adaptation. In this rapidly changing environment, small businesses need to build partnerships with trusted technology and marketing experts to exploit the digital opportunities and stay ahead in the evolving landscape.

LocaliQ has helped businesses save over 127 million hours, generating over 259 million leads across the over 4.8 million campaigns run on the platform. See how your business can work with LocaliQ and seize your potential at

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Chris Cho, President, Digital Marketing Solutions, Gannett

Chris is the President of Digital Marketing Solutions (DMS) at Gannett. A proven product executive and visionary, Chris has more than two decades of experience building and scaling tech-enabled businesses. Chris was previously Chief Product Officer at Axiom, a recruiting technology platform for legal talent resources where he oversaw product, platform technology and go to market strategy. As an entrepreneur, he also launched two software businesses, both of which achieved considerable success before their sale. Chris has also held executive roles in the recruiting technology industry at companies including iCIMS, Radancy, and global brands such as Monster Worldwide ( where he consistently delivered new products and drove innovation. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.

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