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Corporate Visions unveiled new customer feedback tool TruVoice

With TruVoice™, companies can now provide customer success teams with just-in-time coaching based on customer feedback to prevent churn, strengthen relationships, and grow account revenue.

Determining customer health to predict and prevent churn is crucial to improving companies’ revenue performance. A new customer feedback tool helps find potential risks and then fix them by providing custom coaching content to your account management and success teams in real time.

TruVoice from Corporate Visions, a leading provider growth insights, services, and technology, is a new automated customer feedback platform that pinpoints areas of weakness or opportunity in a commercial relationship. These insights then trigger an alert to the account team, showing areas of concern and interest, while also serving up the most relevant coaching content to help service reps keep and grow the business.

Unlike NPS and typical customer satisfaction surveys, the TruVoice platform provides more detailed findings regarding product, company, and account team performance. Businesses can then turn those insights into custom coaching recommendations with research-backed skills for improving account retention and expansion.

“The TruVoice for customer success (CS) system was born out of a recognition that too many account managers and customer success teams are struggling to identify areas for improvement before it’s too late. In turn, they’re unable to correct those problems in a meaningful and timely manner,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy officer at Corporate Visions. “With this automated customer feedback and CS coaching system, each individual account team member will be shown areas for improvement based on what their customers are saying. They’re proactively given skills coaching from Corporate Visions’ science-backed skills library the instant a customer responds, resulting in consistent, high-quality, tailored coaching at scale and speed.

“It’s like a fitness tracker for customer success. Just like a fitness tracker monitors your physical activities, helps you identify areas for improvement, and provides personalized recommendations, this system tracks customer experience, uncovers gaps based on customer feedback, and offers tailored training to optimize results,” Riesterer added.

All of the customer insights and coaching intervention analytics are captured and presented in role-based dashboards for managers and leaders to help them monitor, measure, and modify strategies and interventions on specific accounts, as well as assess the performance of specific personnel and teams. This information can be presented inside nearly any existing CRM, BI, or CS tool that companies already use to track their commercial programs.

Corporate Visions unveiled new customer feedback tool TruVoice

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