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Invoca named in Real-Time Revenue Execution Platform Landscape Q1 2024

Report from a leading independent research firm highlights the importance of connecting marketing, sales, and contact centers to drive revenue performance

Invoca today announced it has been named among the notable vendors in Forrester’s new report, “The Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms Landscape, Q1 2024.”

The report overviews how real-time revenue execution platforms support company performance by connecting sales and marketing teams, so they can collaborate on growing revenue. The notable vendors identified in the report enable revenue leaders to connect marketing campaigns to sales, ensure a connection to the right seller, and ensure the best seller engagement now and in the future.

Real-time revenue execution platforms solve three of the biggest problems revenue leaders face today: connecting marketing investments directly to revenue, poor buying experiences, and ineffective sales processes.

To drive revenue growth, brands must connect marketing and sales data across the buyer journey 

Revenue teams are challenged by fragmented, multi-channel customer journeys. This becomes acute when customers are doing research online and ultimately call to speak with a sales representative. Once the digital data trail ends, it becomes difficult for revenue leaders to connect sales to marketing spend so they can optimize for continued revenue growth.

According to the Forrester report, “As buyers engage across an omnichannel landscape, companies are losing track of which interaction investments are working. Without this visibility, they struggle to justify their investments, leading to cutbacks as businesses tighten their budgets.”

“Forrester’s report has made it clear that companies face significant technology gaps that make optimizing for revenue nearly impossible,” said Peter Isaacson, CMO at Invoca. “Transactional sales companies only get one chance to make a sale, and a bad buyer experience or an incomplete understanding of the digital journey can sabotage it. Invoca’s revenue execution platform gives marketing, sales, and contact center agents the buyer journey insights they need to close more revenue.”

In their report, Forrester stated that the gap in data and execution is the primary challenge revenue leaders face. “Companies must avoid the loss of revenue due to gaps in their go-to-market execution. Companies need solutions that will help them mitigate lost sales caused by process and technology gaps while also ensuring that the interactions buyers have with sellers/agents are optimized to deliver the highest win rate.”

As revenue leaders drive to optimize their go-to-market approach and close these gaps, they’re turning to new AI capabilities, which also bring compliance challenges. The Forrester report shows that revenue teams will be among the first roles to benefit from AI and that real-time revenue execution platform vendors will play an important role in supporting this evolution by building secure, revenue-specific AI capabilities that companies can’t build themselves.

Learn more about real-time revenue execution platforms

Download the full report to learn more about real-time revenue platforms and notable vendors like Invoca.

Download the full report here:

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