Inxeption Opens New Offices to Service Ever-Growing Customer Base

The pioneer in I-commerce technology announced the opening of two new offices in strategic US locations to better serve customers.
Inxeption Opens New Offices to Service Ever-Growing Customer Base

Inxeption Corporation, the first provider of an industrial commerce platform that connects buyers and sellers online, is opening two new offices in Atlanta, GA and in New York, NY. As demand for robust commerce technology is growing, building a local presence in these key areas will enable the company to further provide strategic guidance, consulting, and financial services to customers growing top line revenue on the platform. The additional resources in the area will also allow for the continued development of new features for Inxeption’s industry leading commerce platform, expanding its customer footprint in North America and, eventually, the globe.

The opening of these new offices comes in step with Inxeption’s product growth momentum, including the rollout of new integrations with industry leading ecommerce platforms and marketing software. As the volume and size of Inxeption’s customer base and revenue flowing through the platform scales month over month, the added locations will be instrumental to ensuring customers, both new and old, have the resources at their disposal to facilitate their needs.

“It’s a very exciting time for us,” says Inxeption CEO and co-founder Farzad Dibachi. “Demand for an industrial commerce platform is growing, and we want to make sure we are in the best possible position to help these companies. These new offices allow us to be closer with our customer base and still have the same focus and commitment to ensuring our customers’ success, but on a much grander scale.”

As Inxeption continues to grow its geographical footprint, it also continues to develop on its industry leading technology platform to provide broader flexibility and ease of use, along with additional features geared towards streamlining and optimizing the process from initial order to fulfillment and delivery. Inxeption has been developing strategic partnerships with key industry leaders to bring cost and time savings back to the customer and foster growth.

About Inxeption:
Inxeption is the first industrial commerce (I-commerce) platform that connects business buyers and sellers online. Inxeption uses blockchain technology to ensure trusted, secure and reliable transactions, unlock exciting new sales channels, and enhance collaboration. Founder Farzad Dibachi has been recognized by Red Herring as a 2019 North America Top 100 Winner and by Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine as one of the visionary “Pros to Know.” The Inxeption industrial store can be found at

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