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iOS 14.5+: Success made simple with Adjust and TikTok

New guide shows a shift in ad spend from iOS to Android following App Tracking Transparency (ATT) rollout plus user privacy insights for marketers
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Mobile marketing analytics platform Adjust and leading short form video platform TikTok today released a joint guide, “iOS 14.5+: Success made simple with Adjust and TikTok” offering insights and best practices to help mobile marketers, developers, and advertisers navigate the ever-evolving world of user privacy on mobile. Because opt-in rates can range from 17% to 50% across geographies, the report also details differences by region or market, to better inform strategy or benchmark what is or isn’t working from country to country.

“The rollout of iOS 14.5 raised questions around the future of user acquisition and attribution in the mobile marketing industry, yet data shows that the impacts are not as dire as many expected,” said Katie Madding, Chief Product Officer of Adjust. “Advertisers can continue to thrive, while maintaining customer trust, by embracing privacy-centric mobile marketing and leaning on industry-leading solutions that benefit all aspects of the app ecosystem.”

Adjust and TikTok’s iOS 14.5+ guide outlines tips on getting the opt-in, conversion value measurement insights, and best practices for campaigns launched in this evolving privacy-centered era. The guide also includes a number of best practices and recommendations for running campaigns on TikTok, including optimal account set-up for iOS 14.5+, best approaches for ad groups, and optimization solutions.

Key findings include:

  • A smaller than expected shift in ad spend from iOS to Android. In the leadup to the release of iOS 14.5, ad spend on iOS slowly decreased from around 41% to around 38% in April 2021. This number continued to decrease throughout 2021, reaching a trough of just over 30% between July and Oct., before rebounding to 34% by April 2022.

  • Opt-in rates have increased from 2021 to 2022, implying that a growing number of users understand the benefits of opting in, and that brands and marketers are successfully providing these benefits to their consumers. Compared to early predictions, which placed opt-in rates as low as 5%, numbers are now well over 30%. Gaming has posted an average of 31% as of Q2 2022 and hyper casual games have reached 39%.

  • Country opt-in breakdowns. Adjust data shows that, as of Q2 2022, Indonesia is posting the highest average opt-in rates at 50%, followed by Thailand (42%), Brazil (39%), Vietnam (39%), and India (36%). Meanwhile, Germany has the lowest opt-in rate at 17%.

“As mobile marketing continues to evolve, we’re fully committed to providing a safe and protected platform for our users, while developing dedicated solutions and optimization methods to navigate the changes together with our advertisers and partners,” said Melissa Yang, Head of Ecosystem Partnerships, TikTok. “We’re excited to unveil the latest insights from this report and continue building a place where marketers can engage the TikTok community in a meaningful way.”

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