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IST Networks Partners with Conversational Design Institute

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IST is excited to share the news about its latest new partnership with Conversation Design Institute, aimed at helping to deliver improved conversation design on digital channels such as chatbots, voice assistants.

Since 2018, CDI has been designing Conversational AI assistants to be a more human-centric and realistic experience for users around the world. They believe that AI assistants are the future of interaction with organizations.

CDI provides your organization with a well-thought-out conversational design process. This starts by understanding your organization’s needs and establishing how you want to serve your end users by using a chatbot. This then guarantees a high-quality conversation with users that is consistent both in tone and personality.

Given the rise of users communicating with bots using voice and text, chatbots are predicted to save businesses $8 billion by 2022 and 2.5 billion hours by 2023 (source: Juniper Research).

Chatbots will be regarded as both a significant time and money saver, given that 90% of self-services will be automated. They’ll empower your organization to improve customer service, personalize the customer experience, generate leads, and provide many more beneficial use cases specific to your business.

Here’s what IST wrote on the partnership: “We are thrilled about our partnership with CDI. Given the proliferation of chatbots in today’s world where hyper-communication is the new normal, this partnership highlights the importance of designing exceptional customer experiences. It also targets the most important part of the customer experience – the actual conversations organizations are having with their customers. We believe that this partnership will give our clients real value and empower them to script smooth & impactful human-centric conversations with their customers,” said Sherif Fahmy, IST Networks Marketing Manager.

CDI CEO Hans Van Dam, also said, “We are incredibly proud to have IST Networks as a key partner in the region. IST Networks have proven themselves as a strong delivery partner in the world of conversational AI. I’m looking forward to working together to help organizations create human-centric conversational experiences for both chatbots and voice assistants.”

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