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JDi Data announces FlowBot

JDi Data, announced FlowBot, a workflow automation platform
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Built for systems administrators and analysts in the management, marketing, finance, and operations industries, JDi Data‘s latest cloud-based solution, FlowBot, saves time and money by automating time-consuming tasks.

A Workflow comprises of a series of consecutive steps that need to be carried out one after another with proper approvals at each stage from the beginning to the end.

An Automated workflow process is a technology solution that automates all the methods involved in the workflow process by eliminating most of the human intervention needed.

Implementing AI process automation tools improve compliance with ever-changing regulatory and compliance requirements. In the past, organizations had to identify all of their data stores that dealt with information covered by regulations, such as patient data in healthcare systems, customer data, financial data for banking and financial regulations, and personally identifiable information.

JDi’s FlowBot leverages configurable sequential actions, synchronizing legacy software applications by transforming and transferring data. FlowBot’s technology enables companies to upgrade and modernize while keeping their heritage systems in place.

JDi Data Corporation (JDi) was started in 1996 with a single goal of using cutting-edge technological advancements to optimize company work processes. JDi Data’s FlowBot brings automation to every corner of an organization. From marketing to finance, it gains easy access to updated data, enjoys quick and secure integration, spends less time on routine operations, and optimizes your mission to increase ROI.

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