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Kameleoon recognized by Forrester for its FM&E platform


The research firm and consultancy, Forrester, recognized Kameleoon in its new Feature Management and & Experimentation (FM&E) Solutions Landscape, Q1 2024.

A significant player in the FM&E market, Forrester highlighted Kameleoon for its innovative approach to using real-time user data to help all experimentation teams deliver better software faster, with less risk, and for an enhanced user experience (UX).

Kameleoon enables all teams, including product managers and developers, to work together in a single, unified FM&E platform versus teams cobbling together multiple solutions for experimentation and feature management.

The single, unified approach unites business and technical teams to turn feature management into a strategic growth asset for data-driven, leading organizations.

“We offer a platform that brings product managers and developers closer to their goals, saving everyone’s time and elevating the impact of their work across the business,” says Fred De Todaro, Chief Product Officer at Kameleoon.

Jean-René Boidron, Kameleoon CEO, adds, “Our focus on business value and continuous investment in FM&E technology that meets the needs of advanced teams are propelling Kameleoon forward as a leader in the FM&E space. We are well-equipped to serve enterprise product and DevOps teams, offering unparalleled security, compliance, and a robust feature set that meets the high standards of our clients.”

Kameleoon distinguishes itself as an integrated and unified FM&E platform, attracting product-centric buyers who value a single, unified solution for their product development and experimentation needs. Forrester’s recognition of Kameleoon in the FM&E space comes shortly after Kameleoon announced the launch of Kameleoon AI Copilot, an AI suite able to scale experimentation programs and save all teams valuable time.

With its enterprise-grade capabilities, deep and broad feature set, and flexible deployment options, Kameleoon is uniquely positioned to serve organizations seeking to leverage FM&E solutions for competitive advantage. For more information, please visit

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