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Aircall launches Aircall AI in French, German and Spanish languages

Aircall rolls out ‘Aircall AI’ in French, German and Spanish, with research unveiling how SMBs are navigating the technology in 2024
  • 1 in 3 SMB employees want better technology, including AI, to automate tasks and free-up their time
  • Over two thirds need to be able to rapidly personalize customer interactions in order to hit targets
  • Almost half of global SMBs will actively look at how they can use AI to hit targets in 2024
  • Aircall AI includes the ability to automatically generate call summaries, identify key topics, and track talk-to-listen ratios

Aircall, the customer communication and intelligence platform, today unveils the launch of Aircall AI in French, German and Spanish languages. This follows the initial launch of the company’s enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities in October last year – transcribing over 100 million calls since the launch of Call Transcriptions – now empowering more small or medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to innovate, grow efficiently, and enhance customer service. Aircall’s AI vision is to build an easy-to-use AI solution that empowers SMBs to nurture relationships, drive performance, and fuel growth.

This is supported by The Voice of SMBs 2024 global report. Surveying 1,400 employees at SMBs across North America, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and the UK, the report looks beyond the black and white of AI—uncovering the pressures teams are under, why using AI to unlock people power is the answer, and actionable tips for successful implementation.

According to the data, in 2024, 32% of employees want better technology—including AI—to help automate tasks and free up time. With AI becoming increasingly accessible for SMBs, it’s time to capitalize on the high-impact opportunities it presents.

More than half (57%) of employees say that their organizations will be scrutinizing performance in the year ahead. And the fallout from this is that 35% believe a failure to hit their targets will hurt career progression, while 28% believe it will result in layoffs. To relieve this pressure, more and more businesses are turning to AI with almost half (48%) saying they are actively looking to use it to hit targets.

Results from The Voice of SMBs 2024 also found that 68% of employees ​​say that in order to hit targets, they need to be able to rapidly personalize customer interactions. One way to achieve this is to upskill teams to use AI, which can carve out the space to learn from customer insights, before putting them into action. In addition to automation, AI has the ability to pull game-changing insights from hours of calls and ensure teams have the tools to create more personalized customer experiences.

Aircall AI includes a range of features that will empower SMBs to take their business to the next level. Now available in English, French, German, and Spanish, key features include:

  • Call summaries: with access to summaries of customer conversations, including key takeaways, teams can maintain oversight of their customers in one single location, without having to listen back to every call or share data.
  • Key topics: key topics give teams easy access to the major subjects discussed during each conversation—helping them quickly educate and train their existing team, as well as new starters, build out future product offerings, and improve the quality of their customer service.
  • Talk-to-listen ratios: with a percentage breakdown of who talks the most on a call (the rep vs. the customer) team leaders can work out the right balance for each customer and quickly identify upskilling opportunities for their team.

Alan Talanoa, Chief Technology Officer at Aircall, says: “At Aircall, our focus is on the efficiency of our customers and we pride ourselves on gathering customer insights and making data-driven decisions to continually enhance our product to help businesses perform. Aircall AI represents the next phase of this journey and is how SMBs can make these essentials possible despite limited resources. Launching the product in three more languages is testament to the demand from global SMBs to implement AI in their working lives.

“Thanks to this year’s Voice of SMBs report, we know that performance is top of mind for individual contributors and leaders. As we move through the year, businesses will increasingly look to AI to increase productivity and drive results. Implementing AI technology isn’t about handing the reins over to the machine—instead it’s about using it to gain a better understanding of your most valuable catalysts for sustainable growth in 2024: your customers.”

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