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Katrina Orlando wins 2024 PROGRESS in Lending Trailblazers award

Katrina Orlando

Katrina Orlando, Vice President of Sales Engagement, Incenter Marketing, has been honored as a 2024 PROGRESS in Lending Association Trailblazers Award recipient. This award celebrates innovative leaders in sales, marketing, and public relations within the financial services industry.

PROGRESS in Lending specifically recognized Ms. Orlando for her “exceptional ability to leverage digital media to foster engagement, brand identity, and professional development, making a lasting impact on the company [Incenter Marketing] and its community.”

Ms. Orlando joined Incenter Marketing in 2023 and promptly launched its new Sales Engagement practice to help sales teams transition from older, more traditional techniques to proven digital solutions such as video—whether to promote events or to build stronger social media networks through more impactful person-to-person engagement. The practice not only supports external clients; it also supports community-building among Incenter Lender Services and its family of companies, including Incenter Marketing.

Among Ms. Orlando’s accomplishments, detailed in her award write-up:

  • Playing a key role in the launch of Ascend Xperience, a consultancy specializing in enhancing leadership and management skills through personalized coaching and master classes. Her social media and video skills expanded its reach and secured keynote opportunities for President Craig Davis, positioning Ascend Xperience as a leader in professional development.
  • Launching ‘Brunograms,’ a weekly series of video interviews featuring Bruno Pasceri, President of Incenter Lender Services. These candid personal anecdotes foster a strong sense of unity among employees and serve to reinforce Incenter’s core values.

Incenter Marketing President Vashti Brotherhood noted, “Katrina’s approach to sales engagement has not only yielded tangible results but opened a new world of possibilities for our clients. Her innovative mindset is helping companies bridge the gap between sales and marketing in uniquely memorable ways.”

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