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Kent Graziano joins Zetaris as Chief Technical Advisor

Kent Graziano joins Zetaris to guide the roadmap for real-time analytics between the cloud and the data center.

Zetaris, the leading analytical data virtualization company enabling real-time joined analysis of data across multiple clouds and the data center, today announced that Kent Graziano has joined the company as its Chief Technical Advisor. Graziano, known as The Data Warrior, is an internationally recognized thought leader in cloud and data warehousing strategies. He has written dozens of articles and books on data modeling, Data Vault, and agile data warehousing. Previously he served as Snowflake’s Chief Technical Evangelist.

Graziano sees a tremendous market opportunity to help enterprise data warehouse, BI and advanced analytics customers, with on-prem, legacy systems, migrate to new cloud-based data platform solutions (such as Snowflake). Zetaris users can expect a 6x speed-up of data projects, a massive reduction in cloud compute costs and a 3x reduction in the total project cost when overlaying the Zetaris Networked Data Platform across existing data tools and platforms. He decided to come out of semi-retirement to join Zetaris because he also recognizes the need for closer integration between the cloud and existing data center solutions to enable real-time analytics.

“What’s exciting is the possibilities presented by real-time analytics,” said Graziano. “Zetaris has an innovative platform that enables data-driven organizations to get immediate insight and value without transferring all their data immediately to the cloud. I’m delighted to be asked to advise Zetaris and help the company achieve new levels of success.”

Zetaris offers an analytical data virtualization platform that delivers instant access to data trapped in disparate data silos. Zetaris ensures virtual access across the entire data ecosystem while ensuring data governance and security since the data itself isn’t moved – analysis is performed at the source.

“We are fortunate to have Kent onboard as our Chief Technical Advisor,” said Vinay Samual, CEO and founder of Zetaris. “His extensive understanding of the data warehouse market will be invaluable in guiding the evolution of our Networked Data Platform. His insight will be indispensable as we craft our product roadmap and expand our go-to-market strategy.”

Graziano’s expertise is expected to be especially valuable in rolling out Zetaris’s technology in the U.S. big data market. According to Market Research Future (MRFR), the big data market is expected to reach $297.28 billion by 2030 at a compound annual growth rate of 14.52%.

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