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KERV Interactive continues UK expansion; Partners with Under Armour

KERV Interactive

KERV Interactive (KERV), the leading AI-powered interactive video technology platform, today announced the continuation of its global expansion in the UK. The company has seen early adoption in the region, signing a partnership with Under Armour to introduce interactive and shoppable elements across the brand’s CTV, OLV, and mobile advertising campaigns.

As part of this expansion, Devin Monds has joined KERV as Commercial Director, EMEA, sitting in London, England. Devin brings over 15 years of experience in the digital media space in both North America and EMEA and most recently headed up the International Team at Adludio. KERV also brought on Alan Parfett, who brings 17 years of digital media experience, having spent time at some of the biggest agency holding groups in the world – including Dentsu Aegis, GroupM, and Omnicom.

“At Digitas, we have always sought to defy convention, think boldly and push the limits of what’s possible,” said Elliot Preston at DIGITAS. “By leveraging KERV’s cutting-edge, AI-powered technology, we will empower our client’s customers to seamlessly interact, explore and shop within video content like never before. This unparalleled level of engagement offers a unique opportunity to cultivate genuine connections—driven by consumer intent—across all our digital advertising channels.”

KERV is the only platform that uses machine learning techniques and AI to recognize depth, dimension, and objects within video in real-time and more accurately than the human eye. This technology allows brands and publishers to unlock consumer touchpoints within campaigns and increase the value of each impression by analyzing and optimizing user engagement data. Through this collaboration, Under Armour will leverage several KERV ad performance solutions, including:

  • KERV Sync: KERV Sync inserts dynamic QR codes on any CTV/OTT video content that can lead to multiple destinations like product pages, websites, or even fully-interactive versions of the video on their mobile device, relevant to the consumer’s location and context.
  • KERV Immerse: KERV Immerse captures audience attention with immersive storytelling that allows users to spend more time engaging with video content by clicking or tapping on points of interest and exploring the individual scenes and objects to learn more.
  • KERV Element: KERV Element offers a streamlined mobile-first user experience, delivering an automated and simplistic tile carousel that captures consumer attention by inspiring users to explore and shop scene elements like products, services and information within the video.

“KERV’s innovative AI-powered digital advertising platform has revolutionized the way brands like Under Armour engage with consumers through interactive video,” said Jay Wolff, Global Chief Revenue Officer at KERV. “By uncovering valuable touchpoints and object-level data, KERV optimises the value of each impression and provides a holistic view of campaign performance, equipping our partners with the actionable insights they need to cultivate deeper and more meaningful relationships with customers all over the world,” Wolff added.

Headquartered in Austin, TX, KERV operates in the US, EMEA, Canada, Germany, Australia, Korea, and Japan in their respective languages. Across the globe, KERV has partnered with numerous publishers, including partnering with Paramount Australia and New Zealand to launch a global-first ad product that provides optimization for brands and net-new pathways for audiences to connect, engage and shop in CTV. KERV has also forged partnerships with international agencies such as Dentsu and Publicis, who have used KERV for global brands like Volvo, Jeep, Champion, RedCross, Qantas, JLR, and Amazon.

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