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KERV Interactive Releases First Shoppable Video Insights Report

Report Revealed Half of the 90 Million Unique Users Exposed to Video Ads with Commerce Capabilities Engaged with Ads From KERV’s Platform Within a Six Month Period
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KERV Interactive, a digital advertising platform, introduced its first Interactive Shoppable Video Insights Report revealing how consumers are engaging with interactive video advertising and how brands can use this innovative format to drive brand awareness and sales, even during economically challenging times. The report revealed that half of the 90 million unique users (over 40% of US Digital Buyers1) that were exposed to video ads with commerce or interactive capabilities engaged with video ads served from its platform within a six month period. Further, the results showed that the most engaging content categories included style and fashion, food and beverage, and home and garden.

“Last year was really the first time consumers saw shoppable video ads. Though we worked with select brands and agencies to introduce the new format across the open web and social channels, all brands and agencies are quickly realizing they have a massive opportunity to engage with more people than ever before through immersive video experiences that connect content with commerce,” said Marika Roque, COO of KERV. “Interactive and shoppable video are shifting from a small portion of an agency’s media buy to being a must buy especially as budgets may be constrained with a forthcoming economic downturn.”

The Interactive Shoppable Video Insights Report also revealed:

  • Most interactors are between the ages of 25-54 (the average engagement is over 5% as stated above, and ranges up to as much as 50%)
  • People over the age of 50 had highest interaction rates with an average of over 30%+
  • The Top 3 Verticals With the Best Interaction include:
    • Style & Fashion: Interaction rates were over 5% for video ads in this category with CTR’s over 1%. Video strategies have included dynamically featuring products and direct links to those products featured in videos, making paths to purchase shorter but also allowing the optimization based on availability.
    • Food & Beverage: Interaction rates were over 3% in this category and received just over 0.6% CTRs. Add to Cart technologies have taken center stage in the CPG and Food & Beverage category. Interactive technology is being used to tout recipes, dynamically adjust by product availability and retailer locations.
    • Home & Garden: Interaction rates were at 6% while CTRs were at 1.3%. This category has higher priced items, which makes the need to digitally interact and differentiate a driver to consideration. KERV partnered with Lucid, a Cint Group Company, to prove KERV’s interactive video strategies drive measurable increases to Brand Awareness, Brand Favorability, Message Association and more (up to 4-17x higher than Lucid’s standard increase benchmarks).

“Moving the needle on consumer sentiment and behaviors becomes easier when you can tap into known high performing ad placements. Our partnership with KERV Interactive made it possible for us to accurately measure and benchmark how their technology-first approach produces emotional and behavioral responses from consumers time and time again,” said Laura Manning, VP of Measurement at Lucid, a Cint Group Company. “Across partnered studies, Lucid observed that KERV’s interactive media delivered as high as 17x lift over our benchmark.”

Video advertising with “Add to Cart” functionality
One of the most appealing features within interactive video includes the simple and useful ‘add to cart’ functionality. This feature has been driving the most impact for CPG, Grocery and Food and Beverage categories. Data from KERV and its partner, SmartCommerce suggests that over 10% of off-site cart transfers convert to actual purchases, so the clicks from Interactive and Shoppable video are not only significantly higher than standard ads, but also seeing more products in carts and driving more purchases.

“Since we measure all the way to the cart, way beyond the click, we can see when agencies are driving strong, intentional consumer clicks – and we can also measure the opposite, when consumer backout rates are high. Network-wide, the benchmark for clicks-to-populated carts is 90%, but with KERV’s Interactive and Shoppable video, we consistently see completes between 96-99%, meaning that their engagement-based, in-video clicks are driving highly-qualified and motivated shoppers,” said Jennifer Silverberg, CEO of SmartCommerce, the leader in direct-to-cart technology for CPG brands.

Sharing campaign level performance results with clients is useful for individual brands to gauge success, but showing performance across millions of consumers, hundreds of brands and multiple categories shows just how powerfully appealing shoppable video is and that it’s only getting bigger.

For more information on this KERV report, visit The report findings are based on data gathered from 10/1/2021 to 3/31/2022 from the KERV platform and represents data collected across over 500 video ad campaigns for over 100 brands and agencies that ran on the KERV platform to understand consumer interest in shoppable video.

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