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Key Phases of Saas Content Marketing

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Overview of B2B Saas Content Marketing

Content marketing for Saas products focuses on the creation and distribution of informative, relevant, and valuable content to attract and retain a well-defined audience. When it comes to Saas content marketing, it’s important that all your efforts align throughout your company. 

Your content marketing should focus on showing how the product works and how it integrates into solving the problems that organizations face. You can then redirect prospective buyers towards testing your tools. 

Basically, Saas content marketing takes on a less ‘salesy’ approach so you can reach new customers and position yourself as a leader in your industry.

It’s important to ensure that when it’s time for a prospective to finally make a purchase decision, yours is the product that comes to their mind.

Content Marketing Objectives

Content is what fuels your entire marketing funnel and keeps it running. It is the basis of generating leads organically, it’s what encourages social media following, and it’s also what forms the basis for your entire paid marketing campaign.

When content marketing is specific to Saas, there are three key objectives that it should aim to achieve:

  • Outline the key functionalities
  • Show that migration and/or adoption is easy
  • Convey all the benefits of the software/product

Key Phases of Saas Content Marketing

Turning visitors into viewers

The first thing every Saas content marketer should do is turn site viewers/visitors into users by getting them to try a free trial version of your service/product. To get the visitors/viewers in the first place you need a solid SaaS SEO strategy. You can create videos on your website and/or social media channels like YouTube demonstrating what your product does and its features.

Turning trial users into members

Next, you need to pull in people from free trial usage into becoming paid customers before the trial period ends. For that, you can use reminder email campaigns, and engage with users on social media. In this phase, you move the leads from engaged users into closing the deal via inbound marketing.

Delighting Members unto Making Upgrades and Brand Advocacy

During the third phase, you continue to engage with the existing customer base and encourage them to move up the membership ladder towards more premium ones. Also, because your existing customers are a source of word-of-mouth publicity, you continue to communicate with them and provide even greater content to stay with you forever.

Saas Content Marketing Strategy

Create Solution-oriented and Customer-centric Articles

You have to know that most people who use Saas software are well-educated and well-informed. Most of them are in managerial positions. Therefore, you must churn out quality, informative content that focuses on describing the key features of your product, it should also tell how it stands to benefit the prospects and their business in different ways.

It’s important that you publish content for prospective buyers, free trial users, as well as existing customers.

Free Trials and Extension Offer

Free trials exploit the element of ‘try before buy’. Your content marketing should revolve around getting the user to try the free version of your software. Other than offering access to the basic version, you can also try offering extensions.

Extensions can be some kind of add-on services. The idea is to get the users hooked. Once the user is hooked on the features, he/she should want to invest in the product.

Referral Marketing Strategy

Referral marketing is an excellent strategy for increasing your customer base. Basically, after you have accumulated a sufficient number of leads, you should offer premium points to any customer who refers your service/product to their friends or family. This is a great marketing strategy.  

If a referral program is well-executed, it can encourage exponential growth in your product sales. Therefore, its execution and deployment is essential. 

Many companies have deployed this technique where they offer cashable rewards to their existing customers who send a referral link or code to family/friends and ask them to download the app.

Partnered Marketing Program

Under a partnered marketing program, you can work with another company within your niche that offers similar kinds of products or even closely related to it. In this way, you can navigate the sales tactics, audiences, as well as leads of your competitor. This will lead to better sales and conversions.

This is a highly effective B2B marketing and sales tactic that can prove highly effective. It’s also good for your marketing budget as it combines the efforts and finances of two companies. It’s important that you partner with companies that share mutual goals. 

You can set up partnership tiers and develop content that focuses on co-branding. It’s also crucial that your expectations, goals, and efforts align with your partner if you want to create relevant, helpful, and informational content.

Reducing the Rates of Cancellation

Cancellations are normal and to be expected. By using predictive analysis and asking the customer ‘the reason for cancellation’, you can get to know the exact reasons that are leading to cancellations. 

Once you know the reason, you can focus on creating better solutions so users are less inclined to cancel their subscriptions.

You will also gain insight into what features are causing the cancelations and which ones encourage subscription. To reduce cancellation, you should also work on consistent product development, and improvising your features and services. 

Once you understand your customers and more importantly what your customers want or need in your product, your development efforts will be better and will reduce the churn rate while also helping to increase sign-ups.

Business Networking Programs

Any Saas startup needs to use a growth strategy. And, there’s no better way to widen your horizon and invite growth than by attending trade shows and marketing events. As you get to meet new people, you are bound to broaden your horizon by developing new and powerful contacts, borrowing industry knowledge, and talking to the experts.

By developing new and promising relations with industry leaders, you can also work out the details of new partnerships and co-branding programs.

Bottom Line

The competition in Saas content marketing is expected to grow steadily. If you start practicing your strategy today, you will master it like the back of your hand within no time.

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Mike Khorev, SEO expert and digital marketing strategist
Mike Khorev is an SEO expert and digital marketing strategist helping businesses grow revenue online. He has 10 years of experience in developing and executing performance-based digital marketing strategies that helped many small and medium-sized companies improve their organic traffic, Conversion Rate Optimization, drive more leads and improve their ROI on marketing investments.

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