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Kia & Spectrio to introduce interactive DX to promote Kia’s EV lineup

Revolutionizing the electric vehicle shopping experience: Kia and Spectrio unveil interactive technology to enhance dealership visits.
Kia & Spectrio

In a strategic move to redefine the electric vehicle (EV) buying journey, Kia has joined forces with Spectrio, a leader in creating compelling customer experiences, to introduce an interactive experience designed to promote Kia’s EV lineup. This collaboration aims to equip Kia dealerships with advanced digital signage and interactive kiosks, providing customers with a seamless and engaging platform to explore the benefits of electric vehicles.

At the heart of this partnership is the deployment of Spectrio’s digital signage and interactive kiosk technology across Kia dealerships all over the United States. The technology not only showcases Kia’s diverse lineup of electric vehicles but also serves as an educational tool, empowering customers with information about the benefits of EV ownership and enabling personalized vehicle customization, streamlining the car buying process. Harnessing Spectrio’s immersive capabilities, Kia aims to deliver an unparalleled customer experience that aligns with the evolving expectations of today’s car buyers and shapes the future of car buying.

This initiative comes at a time when interest in electric vehicles is soaring, driven by growing environmental awareness and the global push toward sustainable transportation. By leveraging digital signage and interactive kiosks to stimulate customer engagement, Kia and Spectrio are facilitating a new level of informed decision-making and positioning themselves as leading figures in the mass adoption of sustainable transportation. This partnership showcases a mutual commitment to innovation, social responsibility, and customer satisfaction in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

“Through our collaboration with Spectrio, we’re not just selling cars; we’re creating an immersive experience that resonates with the values and expectations of our customers,” said Eric Watson, Vice President of Sales Operations at Kia. “This technology allows us to provide detailed, personalized information at the touch of a finger, making the journey towards owning an EV both informative and enjoyable.”

“We are honored to partner and collaborate with Kia in providing an immersive customer experience through interactive digital displays and digital signage that supports their goal of ensuring an informative, engaging, and enjoyable journey towards vehicle ownership,” said Tamara Bebb, CEO of Spectrio.

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the automotive industry, leveraging technology to meet the growing demand for electric vehicles while providing an engaging and informative customer experience. Kia and Spectrio are excited to drive forward into the future of car buying, one interactive experience at a time.

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