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Matillion released Data Productivity Cloud for Databricks

No-code data pipeline platform unlocks Delta Lake for BI and machine learning

Matillion’s Data Productivity Cloud is now available for Databricks, enabling users to access the power of Delta Lake within their data engineering.

The Data Productivity Cloud with Databricks brings no-code data ingestion and transformation capabilities that are purpose-built for Databricks, enabling users to quickly build data pipelines at scale, to be used in AI and analytics projects.

Ciaran Dynes, Chief Product Officer at Matillion said: “In the months since launching Data Productivity Cloud, we’ve continued to integrate more cloud platforms and data sources to bring no-code data engineering tools to every member of the data team.

“We know that SQL is a massive workload for Databricks, so as well as unlocking the value of Delta Lake and lakehouses, we’re excited to bring no-code tooling to the Data Productivity Cloud to help Databricks users be even more productive running SQL pipelines on the Databricks platform.”

Data Productivity Cloud enables users to easily build data pipelines with any data source for business intelligence and data science projects.

Matillion has long partnered with the data and AI company Databricks, and Databricks Ventures is an investor in the tech unicorn.

Matillion delivers a comprehensive data integration solution that can fit seamlessly within the existing tech stack, helping data teams to centralise and transform data from any source into business-driving insights at speed.

Data Productivity Cloud with Databricks offers consolidated billing with Matillion’s transparent credit-based pricing model, with setup in minutes. Thousands of enterprises including Cisco, Docusign, Slack and TUI trust Matillion to move, transform and orchestrate data for a wide range of use cars from insights and operational analytics, to data science, machine learning and AI.

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