Business/Customer Intelligence & Data Science Launches WatchKeeper™ Monitoring Accelerator for Snowflake

Enabling self-service monitoring and optimization for Snowflake customers, a modern data engineering, data strategy, and business intelligence consultancy, today announced the launch of its Watchkeeper™ Monitoring Accelerator for Snowflake. Driven by real-time data insights, this new Accelerator provides out-of-the-box optimization to organizations looking to enhance monitoring and observability in their Snowflake environment.

As a Snowflake Elite Services Partner, designed Watchkeeper™ to enable Snowflake customers to self-serve monitor cloud compute and storage resources, credit consumption, performance, and security governance. With this unified monitoring solution, users can shift their approach to analytics from descriptive to diagnostic and maximize their data investments.

Today’s enterprises own an average of 364 SaaS application subscriptions. As organizations of all sizes move towards adapting more SaaS applications across IT & business, there’s a larger debate around the utilization and engagement of these applications, cost control, and governance. The SaaS sprawl is creating a significant need for tighter monitoring of these applications, ensuring there is neither an under-utilization nor an over-utilization, as both can lead to poor performance and rising overhead.

“With Watchkeeper™, enterprises now have a single source of truth to review and action their monitoring results, and can more easily identify errors or inefficiencies that may be impacting query response times and user experience,” said Rakesh Reddy, CTO at

The Watchkeeper™ Monitoring Accelerator supports over 120 native KPIs and empowers business leaders and decision-makers to better understand historical trends and effectively forecast, enables IT development teams to optimize pipelines and improve load times, and assists administrators in enforcing governance and security across their organization.

Watchkeeper™ supports a variety of visualization tools, including Tableau, Streamlit, and Snowflake’s out-of-the-box web interface – Snowsight, and can deploy packaged dashboards in minutes, empowering customers with on-the-go visualization at their fingertips.

With custom alerts, Watchkeeper™ integrates with email, Slack, ServiceNow, and other API-based systems to allow notifications at predefined thresholds or create service tickets with end-to-end automation.

“Watchkeeper maintains an exact view on business-critical metrics within an organization’s Snowflake platform,’ said Sumit Bhatia, Vice President of Technology at “It empowers Business Stakeholders, Administrators, and Technical teams with real-time insights into the health of their Snowflake environment to quickly enact change and more effectively plan and allocate resources, govern risk, and augment performance.”

The Watchkeeper™ Monitoring Accelerator is one of a series of new Accelerators and Solutions by

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