Chatbots, Conversational AI unveils New XO Platform V11.0

The latest platform upgrades help elevate effectiveness and results while reducing costs, a leader in enterprise conversational and generative AI platform technology, announced the release of the Experience Optimization (XO) Platform Version 11.0. The release provides capabilities that help drive AI-driven business interactions across a wide range of use cases including customer, agent and search experiences.

The latest enhancements in the XO V11.0 help businesses put AI to work 10X faster. It provides enterprises with advanced AI automation capabilities, enabling them to generate optimal conversational experiences that suit their needs.

“Coming off the heels of a successful $150 million round, this next wave of innovation reinforces how is leading the way with generative AI,” said founder and CEO Raj Koneru. “We have reimagined what it takes for our platform users to bring new AI-automated solutions to market faster and deliver value with speed, accuracy and cost. XO V11.0 will take the complexities and time out of building and managing AI and focus on putting it to work to drive value at scale.”

According to Gartner, Generative AI will be embedded in 75% of CAI offerings by 2026, up from 5% in 2023, allowing opportunities for businesses to more easily deploy increasingly complex, multifunctional applications. brings several industry-first capabilities through this release:

  • Unified Experience: Access a single interface across all integrated products, including Automation AI, Contact Center AI, Search AI, and Agent AI using an easy-to-use app switcher.
  • Multi-LLM Generative AI: Orchestrate using multiple LLM models that best fit the use case and the scenario for a more human-like generative AI experience, including’s XO GPT, all protected by guardrails for enhanced security and performance.
  • XO GPT Models: This set of models enables more human-like conversations through paraphrasing, summarization, and understanding true user intents. Leverage lighter, faster, and less expensive models fine-tuned for customer experience conversational use cases.
  • Advanced Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG): Provide relevant content discovery using your company assets. Enable custom extraction strategies, enhanced data management, and tailored chunking options. Create prompts and business rules specific to use cases.
  • Outbound Campaigns: Automate proactive voice outreach to customers using an agentless dialer for messages, collections, and reminders.
  • Agent Assistance: Provide human agents with real-time coaching through guided instructions and playbooks.

Enterprises around the globe can now put AI to work with access to a full suite of capabilities across Automation AI, Contact Center AI and Search AI to deliver end-to-end automation that drive business value. recently hosted its global customer conference, Konversations 2024, bringing together over 200 leading companies to discuss the landscape of AI. At the event, the company showcased product updates, its innovation roadmap, and proprietary industry research.

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