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Pegasystems announced general availability of Pega Infinity ’24.1™

New capabilities enable businesses to leverage practical AI tools to achieve transformative outcomes

Pegasystems Inc., the leading enterprise AI decisioning and workflow automation platform provider, announced the general availability of Pega Infinity ’24.1™. This latest release of Pega’s portfolio of products showcases enterprise-grade AI and automation enhancements that empower organizations to optimize sales, service, marketing, and operations.

Pega Infinity ’24.1 includes innovative features for its suite of solutions across industries, including Pega Platform™, Pega Customer Decision Hub™, Pega Customer Service™, and Pega Sales Automation™. These enhancements provide organizations enterprise-ready AI solutions to innovate faster, streamline processes, and better connect with customers.

This release includes new contextual AI features, including Pega GenAI™ Coach, the latest addition to the Pega GenAI™ set of capabilities. Announced separately today, Pega GenAI Coach serves as a real-time mentor by analyzing employee workflows and providing actionable insights to optimize productivity. Complementing this is Pega GenAI Knowledge Buddy, which was previewed earlier this year and is now available to help users synthesize knowledge scattered across content libraries to quickly answer employee and customer inquiries.

Also available today are two new accelerator bundles – Pega GenAI Analyze and Pega GenAI Automate – which operate in Pega Platform, Pega Customer Service, and Pega Sales Automation to surface and summarize insights about cases, data, meetings, and conversations:

  • Pega GenAI Automate lets users offload time-consuming activities like drafting emails and creating follow-up actions based on recent interactions. It improves communications by recommending responses for agents engaging with customers on digital channels and crafts follow-up emails for salespeople to better engage customers and prospects.
  • Pega GenAI Analyze helps users understand and synthesize information by summarizing and extracting insights around cases, data, meetings, and conversations. Users can interact with their data through natural language processing. This further aids with tasks such as meeting prep by creating on-demand briefing materials, providing contextual talking points, and summarizing customer conversations for faster and better follow up.

Additional capabilities help enterprises unlock tangible results across their business, including:

  • New connector providing real-time customer context: Integration with Tealium AudienceStream helps marketers apply identity matching capabilities to merge customer profiles (including anonymous and known data) and better predict behavior.
  • Calculate ROI for high-value audiences: Define key customer segments in Pega Customer Decision Hub to monitor segment performance in real time, making it easier to track success and make adjustments.
  • Curate marketing knowledge and best practices: New Pega GenAI capabilities provide faster and easier conversational access to process documentation, best practices, and reporting.
  • Streamline sales communications with consolidated customer views: Updated digital messaging capabilities within Pega Sales Automation help streamline communications across customer-facing channels with a consolidated view of all customer and prospect information on a single screen.

Pega’s commitment to leveraging genAI innovation to provide clients with outcome-focused, industry-changing technology includes the recent launch of Pega GenAI Blueprint™, a collaborative application that combines the power of genAI with Pega’s industry best practices to turbocharge the app design process. Users can quickly and easily create ‘application blueprints’ and deploy them to Pega’s leading automation platform to accelerate the creation of enterprise-grade applications.

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