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Koupon Media and Punchh Partner to Develop Loyalty Marketing for C-Stores


Koupon Media, the leading consumer insights engine and promotion network in the c-store industry, and Punchh, the leader in digital marketing solutions for physical retailers, today announced a new partnership to develop a solution to help c-store retailers deliver a data-backed, omni-channel loyalty experience to shoppers. Through this integration with Punchh’s marketing technology, c-stores will be able to enhance loyalty programs by leveraging Koupon’s robust database of CPG-funded campaigns and its advanced consumer analytics platform.

“The challenges for successful loyalty programs within convenience stores are significant, but so are the opportunities,” said Brad Van Otterloo, CEO of Koupon. “We are excited to partner with Punchh to bring its best-in-class digital marketing and loyalty solutions to the c-store industry. Combining Koupon’s powerful shopper insights and digital CPG offers with loyalty technology will create a unique opportunity for retailers to attract new consumers and convert them to loyal shoppers.”

Punchh has a long track record of success driving sales and increasing loyalty for brick and mortar restaurants and is working to optimize its solutions for other verticals, including c-stores. Through this technical integration, Punchh will help c-store brands reach and acquire valuable customers, while Koupon will facilitate CPG collaboration and provide shopper insights to launch high impact campaigns. Together, Punchh and Koupon will provide c-stores with the solutions needed to create a consumer experience that delivers value and builds loyalty.

“Loyalty is playing an important role in the c-store industry and to remain competitive, c-store retailers must reimagine the loyalty experience,” said Shyam Rao, CEO of Punchh. “Koupon Media’s ability to source CPG-funded content and provide consumer insights across products, stores and channels will take Punchh-powered loyalty programs to the next level.”

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