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LambdaTest enhances Underpass Desktop Application for Windows & Mac


The redesigned Underpass Desktop Application now offers an improved user interface, diverse login methods, enhanced tunnel management, sophisticated configurations, and efficient log sharing to boost both user experience and productivity.

LambdaTest, a leading cloud-based unified testing platform, announces the release of the latest iteration of the Underpass desktop application, designed for Windows and Mac operating systems. This update introduces a completely revamped user interface and a host of new functionalities, aligning with LambdaTest’s commitment to practical design and enhanced functionality.

Key features of the updated version include:

  • Redesigned UI: Enhanced interface for a more user-friendly experience.
  • Diverse Logins: Access multiple login options, including email-password, Google, GitHub, and SSO.
  • Multiple Tunnels: Run several tunnels concurrently for enhanced operational flexibility.
  • Advanced Configuration: New options cater to various technical needs for tunneling setups.
  • Log Sharing: Simplified debugging with an easy log-sharing mechanism.

Users can access the updated version of the Underpass desktop application by clicking the “Configure Tunnel” button in the top bar of LambdaTest UI. From there, they can select “Desktop App” and click on “Download”.

Overall, these features impact user satisfaction, operational efficiency, and the application’s ability to adapt to diverse user needs, potentially contributing to increased user acquisition, retention, and operational effectiveness.

Mayank Bhola, Head of Product at LambdaTest, said, “The updated user interface and new features reflect our commitment to improving user experience. Our dedication lies in consistently enhancing our product to meet the changing demands of our users.”

The updated version of the Underpass desktop application is now available for download, offering a more efficient and feature-rich experience for both Windows and Mac users.

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