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Lasso integrates IQVIA’s AIM XR into their operating system

The healthcare marketing and analytics leader expands their Measurement Suite to include unprecedented audience and campaign insights.

Lasso, an IQVIA (IQV) business and provider of a leading healthcare marketing and analytics operating system, announced the integration of IQVIA’s AIM XR (Audience Identity Manager® XR) into their operating system, giving over 4,000 medical publishers access to timely insights on campaign reach and effectiveness. Lasso’s Measurement Suite is immediately available to all AIM XR partners.

In the past, campaign and audience measurement for healthcare publishers required significant time and technical expertise. The combination of Lasso’s platform with AIM XR’s consented identity data and rich behavioral insights significantly improves this process for publishers, eliminating complexity and breaking down historical barriers to ROI and reporting solutions. The announcement represents a turning point in healthcare customer engagement, and accelerates a larger industry vision to support better physician education and decision making to advance patient care.

Use cases include real-world impact studies for healthcare providers (HCPs), Rx lift and over-the-counter (OTC) sales analysis.

“With AIM XR, our Publisher and Measurement Suites now delivers long-awaited experience and insights to the healthcare communications industry,” said Eric Shih, Chief Growth Officer at Lasso. “By simplifying tedious workflows and connecting solutions, we are giving healthcare publishers the control, transparency, and consistency in reporting they need to optimize their monetization, marketing, and content production strategies.”

“This really is an exciting step forward for the industry,” said Edith Hodkinson, Head of Digital Product Strategy, IQVIA. “By helping healthcare publishers increase the value they’re delivering to advertisers and HCPs, we are not only improving the content physicians receive, we’re also enabling real-time campaign improvement, powering exceptional brand experiences for all healthcare audiences.”

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