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Lauded Retail Executive Michael Forrest named Surefront CEO

Samsung, LVMH, Microsoft, Apple veteran to join emerging tech company
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Today Surefront announced Michael Forrest will join the enterprise software company to lead the collaborative workflow solution for buyers and sellers in the B2B retail industry. Surefront, a cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) platform, streamlines product development and merchandising processes for retailers, suppliers and manufacturers.

“Great retail begins with great relationships. This is one of the few industries where you connect directly with human beings. Relationships matter. A retailer’s success is dictated by their ability to build relationships and exceed expectations,” said Forrest. “Our job at Surefront is to remove barriers and enable organizations to successfully deliver on their brand promise.”

Forrest brings 30 years of experience to the rapidly growing retail technology industry. He helped develop the Apple store experience, reimagined Microsoft’s direct-to-consumer offering, and led the Samsung team that won design:retail’s 2016 “Best Store Design of the Year” award. He is most proud of his long-standing relationships with those who came before him and the industry up-and-comers he guided.

In his new role, Forrest will partner with Surefront Founder and President Dr. Luke Wang to introduce the solution to the B2B retail industry. Wang, a Caltech Ph.D., and his team developed the most collaborative and comprehensive wholesale platform to alleviate strains in the supply chain. Powered by patented technology, Surefront pioneers intercompany collaboration through its best-in-class PLM software.

“Michael’s people-first approach is critical to a solution like Surefront,” said Wang. “The retail industry is ripe for technology innovation and with current supply chain issues top of mind, leaders are demanding efficiency in every corner of the business.”

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