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Liferay launches technology partnership with SugarCRM

Partnership will empower customers to deliver personalized experiences leveraging SugarCRM data and Liferay DXP’s segmentation and site building capabilities

Liferay Inc., the developer of the world’s most flexible digital experience platform, announced the establishment of a technology partnership with SugarCRM, provider of the award-winning AI-driven sales automation platform.

Trusted by thousands of organizations in over 120 countries, the Sugar platform enables sales and marketing teams to work more efficiently by streamlining data collection and delivering a complete view of the customer. By leveraging the robust segmentation and personalization capabilities of Liferay DXP in conjunction with data in the Sugar platform, B2B organizations are able to deliver impactful, relevant, experiences to their audiences.

“Liferay and Sugar’s partnership allows B2B organizations to make the most of customer data, delivering personalized experiences across touchpoints,” said Brian Chan, CEO, Liferay. “It puts the right information at the right time in the hands of employees, partners, and customers, enabling B2B organizations like manufacturers to compete on what truly differentiates them from the competition, experience.”

Long established as a best practice in the B2C space, the ability to deliver a truly personalized experience is becoming critical for manufacturers and other B2B organizations. B2B customers expect to be able to access digital self-service capabilities tailored to their role and interests on demand and across devices, just as they can in their personal lives as consumers.

In addition to powerful segmentation and personalization capabilities enriched by Sugar customer data, Liferay DXP delivers low code, drag-and-drop site building functionality allowing business users to quickly roll out new digital experiences without having to rely on overburdened IT teams. These experiences, such as customer portals, both delight customers and enable sales and marketing teams to focus on more impactful activities building relationships with customers.

“In the manufacturing sector, customer experience has a significant impact on revenue, cross-sell/up-sell potential, and customer retention,” said Clint Oram, Chief Strategy Officer and Co-founder, SugarCRM. “Our partnership with Liferay enables industrial companies to deliver world-class digital experiences with a high return on investment.”To learn more about the first joint solution developed by Liferay and SugarCRM, the SugarCRM Customer Portal, please visit the Liferay Marketplace.

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