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Local Marketing Leader BrandMuscle Brings Smart Marketing Planner

Analytics-Driven Solution Activates Channel Partners and Improves Co-op Marketing Program Engagement to Maximize Channel Revenue
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BrandMuscle, the industry leader in integrated local and channel marketing, has introduced Smart Marketing Planner, a new solution within its Intelligent Local Marketing Platform, that improves alignment between national and channel marketing strategy and execution. By providing partners with smart, proactive marketing guidance and making it easy for them to opt in to the optimal campaigns, Smart Marketing Planner helps brands amplify their message across local markets and drive more revenue. Campaign recommendations are analytics-driven and tailored to the specific partner profile, so that channel managers feel as if their marketing program is on autopilot.

Smart Marketing Planner empowers channel managers to set up campaigns and optimize which regions or partners can opt in based on factors such as partners’ location, tier, or co-op balance. Utilizing machine learning, the solution provides consultative program recommendations based on marketing execution data from over a million channel partners and billions in co-op spend. Channel partners see a personalized calendar view of upcoming national marketing campaigns and receive a step-by-step task list after opting in to launch a local campaign. This process makes it easy to keep partners engaged in marketing efforts, improves co-op utilization, and increases revenue growth.

Channel managers can use the solution to incentivize partners to complete marketing tactics in line with corporate goals through gamification. As partners accumulate an eligible number of points through campaign progression, they can access incentives such as additional channel funds, higher fund eligibility tiers, and other rewards. As more and more tasks and campaigns are completed, both managers and partners can track their evolving marketing maturity through BrandMuscle’s Channel Partner Scorecard. This encourages partners to both learn about and make investments in local marketing, which leads to significant revenue gains. BrandMuscle’s State of Local Marketing 2021 Report found that partners who re-invest 1% or more of their annual revenue in marketing achieve 30% more revenue growth compared with their peers who invest less.

“Smart Marketing Planner is the first solution that helps marketers set up and deploy brand-compliant local marketing plans that are tailored to individual partner needs. Busy local partners rarely know exactly what campaigns they should opt in to, what steps they should take to complete them, and what incentives are unlocked if they do,” said Richard Mendis, Chief Strategy Officer at BrandMuscle. “Smart Marketing Planner overcomes these barriers to channel program adoption that we continuously hear from channel partners. The solution is based on over a decade of BrandMuscle’s experience managing channel marketing initiatives to improve program adoption, engagement, partner satisfaction, and ultimately, revenue growth.”

Aligning channel partner marketing execution with corporate strategy is possible when partners have clear direction on what actions they should take and an incentive to participate. To learn more about integrating Smart Marketing Planner into your local marketing strategy contact BrandMuscle.

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