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Marchex Adds Closed Loop Conversion Insights to Sales Edge Rescue

Now businesses can evaluate sales team effectiveness and measure impact in converting high value leads that were initially mishandled
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Marchex, a leading provider of call analytics that drive, measure, and convert callers into customers, today launched Closed Loop Conversions, a significant enhancement to Marchex Sales Edge Rescue that enables enterprise and local businesses to more efficiently grow revenue by capturing missed opportunities martech news.

As part of the Marchex Sales Edge suite, Sales Edge Rescue offers conversational AI-infused call monitoring, scoring and engagement to alert businesses when potential buyers end a conversation without making an appointment or a purchase. It identifies when high-value customer conversations are mishandled and immediately delivers this intelligence to businesses so they can re-engage with customers and “rescue” the sale.

Adding closed loop conversion tracking and analytics capabilities informs businesses with what happens after a salesperson gets a missed opportunity alert and follows up with a prospective buyer. Adding this capability provides businesses the opportunity to ‘close the loop’ to get a complete picture of the in-bound opportunities they are missing, while also measuring the effectiveness and impact of capturing those opportunities through outbound engagement martech.

Here is how it works:

  • When high-intent buyers hang up without booking an appointment or making a purchase, a designated salesperson gets a missed opportunity alert. Included in the alert is a click-to-call tracking phone number to quickly reach back to the potential buyer.
  • The salesperson responds immediately to this high-priority lead to save the sale.
  • The closed loop conversion feature then analyzes this outbound call and its outcome, giving businesses a real-time, accurate picture of what happens when the sales team engages to capture missed opportunities.

“With Marchex Sales Edge Rescue, we have helped our client, Service Experts, significantly increase revenue from the leads we drive by providing them with opportunities to recover high intent missed sales,” said Nathan Johnson, Vice President of Marketing Services, Strategic America, an integrated marketing firm specializing in field marketing, brand building and customer engagement.

“The Marchex Sales Edge Rescue program has given us a solution that can improve the customer experience while also saving potential high value sales opportunities,” said David Moody, vice president of Marketing and Customer Engagement, Service Experts, a heating and air conditioning service company.

Marchex Sales Edge Rescue with closed loop tracking and call attribution is available immediately.

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