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Marketing 360® Ad Strategy boosts Revenue for Supplement Manufacturer

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Any well-rounded digital marketing strategy utilizes paid ads, but the key to maximizing conversions is to utilize a multi-channel marketing strategy, monitor the results, and use the data to refine the strategy. Organic marketing channels, in combination with paid ads, are important for long-term success, but paid ads will boast fast results.

In this case study, Marketing 360® discusses how a supplement manufacturer maximized their ad revenue with the help of the Marketing 360 multi-channel marketing strategy.

Over the last 30 days, this business drove almost 500k impressions, more than 10k clicks, and more than 1k conversions, with almost all of that success coming from paid ads. Compared to the previous 30-day period, this resulted in a 964% increase in conversions, a 629% increase in clicks and engagements, a 2011% increase in conversions, and a 426% increase in ROI.

The strategy? This business, with the help of their Marketing Success Manager at Marketing 360, diversified their ad campaigns across Facebook and Google. They also made use of brand ad campaigns to help them dominate the first page of search results for people searching their business name. They included Smart Shopping ads on Google that got them in front of consumers that were searching for similar products to what they offer, search ads on Google for terms relevant to their products, and, finally, they used remarketing ads on Facebook for people who had previously visited their website or engaged with their brand.

Although they saw huge success, it took time to closely monitor the ad performance, analyze the data, and make strategic adjustments. This enabled them to invest less in what wasn’t working, and more in what was.

Through many tools and integrated apps, plus the backing of a fully integrated marketing team, the Marketing 360 platform makes it easy for small businesses to manage their business and marketing, all from one place, while saving time, money, and tons of manual work. Learn more about Marketing 360 at

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