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Marketing Agencies in Brazil Embrace Technology Providers

ISG Provider Lens™ report finds marketing professionals using artificial intelligence and machine learning to improve content, engagement and customer experience
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Marketing agencies and corporate marketing departments in Brazil are turning to marketing technology providers in increasing numbers to help them better engage with customers and increase sales, according to a new report published today by Information Services Group (ISG) (Nasdaq: III), a leading global technology research and advisory firm.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ MarTech Solutions and Service Providers Report for Brazil finds corporate marketing and communications agencies gradually moving to digital services over the last three years. Many agencies in the country are adopting artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics tools to assist in their jobs and improve the quality and effectiveness of marketing content and engagement.

“Communications with both potential and existing customers is based on a dialogue that needs to be more agile and digital,” said Jan Erik Aase, partner and global leader, ISG Provider Lens Research. “Many customers are demanding a seamless experience throughout their buying journeys, including past interactions, in the buying channel of their choice.”

The report notes that budgets previously controlled by CIOs are now the responsibility of CMOs, who are using these resources to fund specialized squads that use sprint methodologies to produce minimum viable products. Enterprises are also increasing their digital marketing budgets in response to changing buying behavior caused by the pandemic.

Many enterprises in Brazil are putting added focus on digital customer experience, the report says, as they strive for better customer engagement and greater retention that leads to increasing sales and improved ROI. To achieve greater customer centricity, marketing professionals are utilizing omnichannel tools and a variety of modern web technologies and applications to personalize real-time experience. Tools such as chatbots, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and content management platforms (CMS) are helping to build strong relationships with customers.

Marketing technology providers are offering several tools to help marketing agencies understand which campaigns resonate with customers. Such analytics tools are helping marketing professionals determine the success of marketing efforts in near real-time, the report says. Some tools analyze individual channels such as email, social media or digital advertising, while others examine all marketing campaign data holistically.

The COVID-19 pandemic has also accelerated a change in the service offerings and roles of marketing and communications agencies in Brazil, the report adds. Agencies are managing and monitoring social networks, delivering content marketing materials and directing the purchasing of digital media. As a result, the MarTech industry in Brazil is growing rapidly.

The 2021 ISG Provider Lens™ MarTech Solutions and Service Providers Report for Brazil evaluates the capabilities of 48 providers across five quadrants: Analytics and Intelligence, Digital Experience and Content, Digital Presence and Digital Ads, E-Commerce, and Social and Relationship.

The report names Accenture Interactive and Nação Digital as leaders in four quadrants and Infracommerce, Isobar, Mutato and Raccoon as leaders in three. Keyrus, Semantix and STILINGUE are named as leaders in two quadrants, and B2W, Cortex, DP6, Hands, i-Cherry, Magalu, Mercado Livre, Olist, Rock Content, Squid, Tray and Vtex are named as leaders in one.

In addition, Approach, CDN, Driven.CX, i-Cherry and Nuvemshop were named Rising Stars—companies with “promising portfolios” and “high future potential” by ISG’s definition—in one quadrant each.

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